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Nama Phone to Chrome Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 0.1.7 Ukuran: 1.8 MB

Komentar di google play



Huge time saver. . I use this app everyday. When I click a share button in an app or a website, this is my default option. I do wish I could go Chrome to phone also, but C'est la vie.



The app is simple and works great. But I still have a question in mind about privacy that if this app logs the links in the back end.



Started out working wonderfully. Now keeps giving a message "added to queue". Please help!



When I am trying to do all the things you are suggesting and I have a pop up that the timer has run out, ck back tomorrow. I'm thinking about simply going back to my IPHONE.



Amazing app . If you can add a feature that auto-clear the Link textbox when It's done sending the link , it will be great , so that we don't accidentally send the same link more than once and don't have to manually clear the textbox with delete to send another link



As of late this app has been completely non-responsive. I can't even enter the freaking credentials needed to make it work because everything freezes up before I get the chance.



It was good for a while, but hasn't had support in 3 years, and now the clipboard autoshare doesn't work anymore. I've got to go find another.



I liked it so much that I bought the pro version but I do concede that I wish for the ability to send to and from each device rather than only from my phone to Chrome browser. I've sort of found a way around this with Kiwi Browser that allows for the use of extensions on Android but it can get complicated pretty quickly. I was tinkering with this prior to purchasing the pro version, though. I may be able to figure out a way that's not overly complicated with P2C Pro. Thanks, dev - Cheers!



I love being able to easily send links from twitter on my phone to my desktop to read later, and this app doesn't require synching everything else. Right now I'm getting an incorrect error: "Computer is offline and failed to queue link; incorrect passphrase." But my computer is on, and this occured without me changing anything, as well as after resetting my passphrase in both places.



I never review apps but I love this one, I use it every day, even paid for the pro version. I'm a Linux user so paying for software isn't something I do. The only issue I have is when I've forgotten to add a computer to the list of where to send, after adding I have to copy and paste the link, thats the only time the address section doesn't auto fill and my only issue. Choosing which computer to send to is a pro version feature and why I paid for the app, I have like a 6 computers I use.

Phone to Chrome
Ditambahkan: 2020-06-20
Phone to Chrome
Ditambahkan: 2020-06-20
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