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Nama Photomath Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 7.0.0 Ukuran: 54.8 MB

Komentar di google play



I was pleasantly surprised by this app. Almost everything on the playstore, be it game or tool, is much harder to work with than it seems or just floods you with ads. And if not those 2, it costs money up front. but this free app is actually really useful. It rarely has trouble solving problems I see, and even shows the steps to solving them if you happen to care about that. And in all that time, I haven't seen any ads. They're probably on something I haven't used yet. Overall, really good. Ez 5



This app is incredibly hit or miss. When it comes to simple agenda and arithmetic, it works well, but with higher level math it falters. The steps are often incredibly vague, as if you just entered the expression into a calculator, which isn't what I expect from an app that claims to explain solutions in great detail. I don't want to just solve the equation, I want to understand why the answer is what it is, and you can't get that with this app reliably.



Omg I'm a student and this app is the only thing keeping me sane, I'm so grateful for the reduced amount of ads, the help with calculator symbol ranges, the problem solving picturesque, and I cannot thank the people who made this enough!! It is so amazing using this and I hope you make no alterations because the app is perfect as it is. It has my Algebra math book on the app and provides detailed answers for FREE! I have not gotten the paid version and am perfectly content with the normal one.



Like Every other promising app in this marketplace, money will always catch up. It's understandable to add some form of monetization. Creating tools isn't free, especially one as in depth as this one. If only they didn't take such a great feature and throw it behind a paywall. Take turning an improper fraction into a mixed number for example. It's only available in the animated "plus" version. I like this app, but frustrated now I have to pay monthly for what used to be a free usefull tool.



It was excellent at deciphering my near unintelligible handwriting, showed the steps, and has a great user interface. Only thing is you shouldn't use it on its own as some if the ways they get answers are on the complex side and if you are here that's probs too much, best used as a supplement to check work and give you hints.



Edited: I have found multiple problems with incorrect answers. I still find it useful but have spent a fair amount of time chasing my tail. I am taking precalc classes at home, so this is the closest thing to "asking the teacher" for help that I can get. They offer a method of reporting incorrect answers, which I happily do, but no way of checking back to see if the feedback was accepted and corrected. Also the books that claim they are fully solved are anything but. Manage expectations.



Very easy to use. Feel like there could be more options for different things. It just seems very minimal and basic, like take photo, solve, explain, done. Which is great, I just want to be able to write equations and such. But over all, def worth 5 stars,⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐



Works well, probably one of the better apps to use for difficult math problems. Its definitely saved me countless amount of times for school, and I love that it explains how to solve it with many steps and multiple ways of explanation. Just wish it understood word problems.



Contains a great and useful calculator. Is good at explaining the math problems and has answers for my school textbook. Some actions are restricted because of the premium purchase but it doesn't get in the way too much. Is easy to use and adjust the size of the picture and see how they solve the problems.



Awesome app! It's really great for when I'm doing homework or studying and need help understanding the process. The only issue I ever have is sometimes my camera doesn't focus and I can't take a picture, but if I exit out of the app and go back in that usually fixes the problem. Absolutely recommend!! (It does have a premium version, but the free version works better than fine!)

Ditambahkan: 2019-11-16
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