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The best email app. May I ask you to add an option to move (to place) accounts from left to right according to my own preferences.



A very promising email client!. I already sent feedback with screenshots, as some parts of menu are still in Russian. It also needs to have rich text format in main menu and in signature. It is very important to highlight for instance, a word in your email script. Also, when you delete a mail ,it didn't return to main menu, please add a relative option. Add dark mode and material design. I'm happy with no battery drain, that's good. I will give a shot to the app for some days ,I hope for ever!



Please add some options for customization themes change colours and bottom and top bar for permanently etc.



I use it for all business purposes. Loving the structure of the mail and security and simplicity. Thank you guys.



Need it to read out emails in English instead of Russian! Then I'd be great!



i love this the beginning i did have problems since it was all in Russian but now i its in english..nice!



The application is really nice but I deleted it because an ads banner is very big and places more that a half of screen. In this way the application is not comfortable to use (((



Previously 5stars. now 0 stars. Hav been using for years. Best app and clean interface. Was going to offer some $$ to support dev during this wardemic BUT I won't now. After latest update, it has stopped receivg mails on all my accounts from 12Mar2022. May be due to the war I duno. But getting support for it is USELESS and HOPELESS. 6 emails to n fro and support does NOT want to fix the issues. It is a USELESS app now on the fone. Going to completely UNINSTALL it. Gota fnd another.



Very good app but my email account was attacked several times . Each time I had to remove app and re install it with a different complex password. Perhaps the developers could look at this.



Good email app but the new interface they claim is faster is not any faster than the old one. The new interface is good if all you have is one email account, but it is now much harder to move between multiple accounts than it was before. There is no way to manage accounts in order to adjust the server info and login info. App became unstable after last update. No good reason for changing the interface as old interface was great and easy to use. - Email App
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Ditambahkan: 2022-08-06 - Email App
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