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Nama Dog Breeds - Quiz about all dogs of the world! Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 1.91 Ukuran: 19.7 MB

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It's a great version of dig quiz App for guessing the dogs name from looking their pictures.. there are allot of variety of dogs just select the dog in this design breeds and enjoy their name to guess 👍



very interesting app about dog breeds. soon I want to buy a dog, this app helped when choosing a breed.



There are pictures of the dogs and then at the top is the dog breed. Your supposed to touch the picture that you think matches the breed. Some of the pictures are not the correct BREED.



this is a nice game i really like it is so useful ,playing dog quiz is interesting for everyone children and adults it's have many different topics , you more and more ,the interface is so cool and esay ,thank you for the good game



It is Dog breeds app that is very interesting and entertaining... this is different and smart free dogs quiz App.. I'll highly recommended it to all just download now to enjoy digs breeds 👌



I am 10 years old and I love animals (I'm even vegan!) I thought this app would tell me which dog breed the dog was if I got it wrong, but instead most of the breeds it shows are not that popular, so it makes it hard to answer. It never tells you the right answer if you get it wrong, so how are you supposed to learn from it?



i love how this app works. only problem i have are all the ads and those never bother me. i get on a roll and then an ad pops up! its annoying and very unencouraging



The app is very interesting and you can have a great time with your family.I really like the great interface and fast operation of the app.Here are collected probably all the dog breeds that exist in the world.Interesting quizzes that we are happy to solve.Well done creators of this app, thank you for your work!



Mega cool game of puzzling dog breeds. Playing dog quiz will be interesting for both a child and an adult. I like the chic, eye-pleasing graphics, it takes up little space in the smartphone. Recommend



A wonderful application for large groups of friends, as it gives an explosion of emotions. Playing dog quiz is exciting and interesting, there are many levels that will be interesting even for a demanding user. I advise everyone.

Dog Breeds - Quiz about all dogs of the world!
Ditambahkan: 2020-08-17
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