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Nama PureVPN Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 8.36.237 Ukuran: 70.3 MB

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I paid for a lifetime membership to pure VPN and so far I'm quite happy. I can connect up to five devices including mobile through this app. I find the app version easiest to use. You connect with the press of one virtual button or you can select other options for better security. The only issue I've had is that for some reason it fails to connect repeatedly in some unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots where it is most useful. But in general it works very well.



Finally!!! The company has underplayed their fixes by a lot! Now if you switch networks your VPN automatically reconnects. Previously if you had a hiccup in your WiFi connectivity or switched to a mobile network, the VPN connection would end. But it wouldn't tell you that it ended, so you'd be left browsing unsecured. Now it just instantly reconnects. This has taken this VPN from a 2 for it's unreliability, to a 5 out of 5 in my opinion! Awesome job PureVPN! Thank you so much!



Works the way it should most of the time. I travel a lot to Europe, Asia, and I have been able to connect to diferent countries as I wish. No complaints from me. I only needed to contact the tech support team twice in the past, and they were very helpful and courteous. The service is exemplary. I tried to watch Netflix from other countries while in the US, some works, some not. But I guess that is Nexflix’s doing in that particular country. So for my needs, I am completely satisfied with Purevpn



Paid for a year and about three months into it the app had nonstop issues with connecting and staying connected. Probably one of the worst. I'd pick a country and it would send me to someplace else. I'd pick A USA city and it'd send me to a different place or a whole different country. Then it'd never stay connected! Nonstop dropping. I cancelled the subscription when my time was up. Never again.



I love this app. It works on both WiFi and mobile network. The only issue I have is occasionally the connection information isn't displayed, therefore I can't be certain that I am connected to the VPN. Otherwise the app is simple to use and gets the job done well. I like the port forwarding feature which allows certain apps to use the VPN while others bypass it. Great job, PureVPN team.



This app is totally terrible. Not only is the website broken so I can't get the addons I want, but the subscription packages are totally incorrect. Port forwarding is NOT included in most packages and is separate all together, too bad because I would have bought it! Now that I've looked around though, the port forwarding option looks to be total garbage anyways though (you can't allow specific ports, only all or none)! Can't wait to get a refund (IF POSSIBLE)!!



(Update) This service needs some work. I still have my 5 year plan. But now I'm strongly considering canceling it. The connectivity to a broad spectrum of countries. And different features like file sharing and streaming are so inconsistent! For a company that I once trusted. They have sorely let me down. And good luck trying to get refunded for a recurring subscription! Once you pay it it's theirs. Which is fine when you're service is actually helpful. Don't commit long term to this company!



My complaints aren't with the service. The Windows version works fine. However, my experience with the Android app has been rocky. Connection is often lost, and when trying to reconnect, it would stall at "waiting for server reply" and subsequent attempts would fail. Meanwhile, all internet access would be lost. Force Stopping, I eventually found fixed the problem. Since the last update, things have been behaving, although I still lose connection a lot, defeating any security benefits.Improving.



Pros: none. Cons: everything. After initially testing with the 7-day trial, I went ahead and bought a full subscription and it has been nothing but problems. Nothing worked from the get-go. My payment to buy the subscription never went through and had to contact support to get my service activated, which some how broke my login on PC (mobile worked fine), and after multiple attempts of contacting support for that issue, they simply don't seem to care...



I've been using PUREVPN for a couple of years. Now all of a sudden when I use the app I'm unable to connect. I've went through settings to change the protocol but no luck. I even reinstalled the app and I still experience the same. Something ain't right. My PC/Browser app works fine. This is so frustrating. UPDATE: After playing around with various WiFi networks I was able to finally connect. There is definitely something wrong going on. Otherwise, this is a good app.

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