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wow, just uninstalled after reading the terms and conditions. The amount of data that is extracted, collected and shared between AppsFlayer and Google analytics is outrageous: IP, user's unique identifier in Google services, name of the network operator, carrier, computer name/mobile device and this is just to name a few... I do agree with some other but definitely not with the ones listed.



This code reader is so fast that you cannot even attempt to focus your camera and SNAP! Here's your results, choose what you wanna do with them! Content search is right on, no fiddling with settings to get the proper results. Does exactly what you expect it to only in double time!!



My phone is a $80°° 3 year old Motorola. Nothing like this app is "built-in". I tap the icon and half a second later I've got the viewfinder box - good to go. Reading an article in "How-To Geek" on security scams by similar apps prompted me to check its permissions- camera { ✓ } only. The scam tactic is to convince someone they need to "sideload" an update. Permission denied per the info page. So... I give this one ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐!



The pull down ad prevents access to the Android pull down menu. edit: 10/17/31 The app no longer works. It scans the code, slides to another window (opening the URL?), and then immediately returns to the app. You can't copy the URL from the History. I manually entered the URL into the browser and it opened the page without error.



Great app. My phones camera app doesn't scan QRs so I have to use this. I tried other apps but those other apps didn't scan them. This app INSTANTLY scans codes. I don't care that they sell users data because thats what 99% of tech companies do so yeah. I also trust Kaspersky [with my data] even though I use another AV. Although I have a lot of great things to say about this app, I have a suggestion, for the app to send a popup before opening a link. This is the best QR code scanner ever! 10/10.



It works really fast, scans and opens the link in its own browser for you to see. This is apparently done for your security. If you then want to go over the web page and do more like playing videos and audios, you need to copy the address and paste it into your regular browser.



First time use. The app took a long time to read the QR - it seems I was holding the camera too close even though the QR code was within the frame but I don't have this problem with other readers. Then, when it read the QR it would not open the web page but gave a "page not found error" (wifi was turned on) but the page did open with another QR reader.



Unreliable, unfortunately. The app looks much nicer than most other QR code readers, and worked perfectly smoothly when I first installed it several months ago. However, it repeatedly failed to scan and open two links that I really needed today. After closing and reopening it, then checking the settings in case I missed something, I ended up installing another scanner, which worked flawlessly first time! Based on their stellar reputation, though, I will give Kaspersky's app another chance. One.



At first I found strange a QR scanning app with 17 megabyte, but after installing and trying it I realised that it has a built in web browser to open and view web links contained in QR codes, also allowing users to open scanned web links in their preferred browser app. This app is really fast reading both QR and bar codes, even in low light conditions. The app can work with no active internet connection, but in this case it is only able to display plain text contents of QR or bar codes.



Its interface is good and it recognises QR codes instantly, even under (so-to-speak) unfavorable intensities of light. However, its interface could be somewhat improved to match Google's revised Material Design principles—since it adheres to the previous ones better—and the removal of its custom browser would easily earn it another star, for it serves to be only a nuisance.

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