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Nama Chess - Strategy board game Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 3.1.0 Ukuran: 4.5 MB

Komentar di google play



Great chess game. Its pitched just right with the difficulty levels to keep you learning. The graphics are good.. though could be sharper on the pieces.. The ads are really not intrusive. All in all 5 stars from me..



Over the years I have had several chess games on my phones. This is the best so far. I really enjoy this version. It does however sometimes freeze and have to restart. Fortunatley I can start from where the game stopped.



Not many bells and whistles, good AI range - from beginner learning the rules to strong enough for mid-level players, decent graphics, no annoying pop up ads so far. I'm satisfied, compared to other offerings I've tried.



Great game , good challenges gets your mind going . Helps you practice when you play against a real opponent to. Thanks great app. Be nice if we could change the peice colurs other than black and white . Like burgendy and purple . Or dark blue and light blue . The lighter colour can act as white obviously.



As a beginner, I really enjoy this game and it is helping me learn. Only reason I am not giving 5 stars is because the pieces become offset in between games and you have to play with the color setting to get it to realign. Fix that bug and it would be amazing!



The interface is very poorly designed. The pieces don't line up on the squares making it difficult to tell which one they are on, and the board only uses half the screen, the rest of it is just black. No idea how that made it passed a design team.



At fist I was ok with the tiny ads at the bottom of the screen, wanted to try before buying an ad free copy. I was starting to like it, but then infuriating full screen loud videos kept popping up every move. Uninstalling and looking elsewhere.



The apps graduated degrees of challenge are nice. Play the easier level until you are bored. Next level! Graceful graduations allow learning a beginning game strategy, what works or not. At level 3 the app uses its own strategies to attack you. Fun. That's all I've done so far. There are adds. They are mostly in between games. Not very invasive. It's not a high price to pay for a fairly sophisticated app. Thanks. Ray



I have used the app only for about a week completing all the challenges (mate in 1, mate in 2) and was intending to work through the game levels to see which level gives me a level of competition equal to my standard, having won easily on levels 1 and 2. The game prompts you to purchase a paid version to turn off the annoying adverts - and I would have paid, but apparently (despite the in-game prompts) there is no paid version available on Play Store. Now looking for an alternative chess app.



At times I open the game and the pieces dont line up with the board, that makes it impossible to play. Also at the end of the games the app looks for a draw instead of trying to play on. Apart from these little issues love the app.

Chess - Strategy board game
Ditambahkan: 2021-05-28
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