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Nama Slendrina (Free) Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 2.0 Ukuran: 34.5 MB

Komentar di google play



I just downloaded it! It's fun (my favorite part is that the item's are randomly placed) its a FUN and very QUICK game it only takes me like 5 minutes tops! Also? Can we add more maps? Like a house or so??



It's more annoying than fun or scary because she poses no real threat the entire time she just pops in front of you and all you have to do is look away from her and she just disappears. When your looking for stuff it's especially annoying since its so hard to find them in the bigger maps.



For a game made in 2013, it is a good one. Slendrina's model could have been made better though. The jumpscares are also not very scary. But overall great game! Keep it up DVloper!



I like the game itself and that it has multiple maps to pick from but the sensitivity is very slow so it's easier to die because I can't turn around fast enough otherwise good game



For some reason when downloaded this it asked for access to photos which I think is unnecessary I didn't mind that and thought I'd just play it but whenever I would press it would show up with the help screen telling me how to control the character and what not, so I pressed "Ok" and it wouldn't come off it would always be frozen and I tried closing the it wouldn't work please fix this.



5 years from now, still giving me the same vibe. I played it more than twice when I was 9. By far, I rated it as the best DVloper game because it has more maps. I still wish that you can make a remake of this game (same maps, same colors, and same styles) because I love this game's idea and style so far. Thank you for this!



Very scary and also so fun and thank you from making it easy to but one thing they need to fix is that it's to make more maps and the hard mode is to hard because slendrina kills you so easily in hard but still so fun truly recommending this game!!!but I beated normal and easy mode the though.



This is the absolute creepiest game I ever played. There are 4 maps, warehouse, hotel, yard, and swamp. Its really scary even in easy mode because Slendrina can appear ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. But one problem: in the hotel, Slendrina appears like, SO MUCH. These kinds of games are creepier when the enemy hardly appears, it raises the suspension and makes it so that you never know when she might appear.



I walked around and only found one "Object". The other "Objects" wouldn't spawn either. A review said that you haven't updated this game for almost a decade and yes, even a single bug fix that would date around 202# or some year. Just like the rest of your games, did you ahandoned this project or game? But please, some people are interested in your games so please update the game even it is only a bug fix, thank you



Nice game graphics , controls and gameplay are nice i have given four stars instead of five because there are some glitches which you must fix , sometimes the game doesn't run smoothly , sometimes slendrina appears too often , it is sometimes laggy and sometimes items are a bit hard to find otherwise incredibly good game !

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