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Nama Square Bird Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 3 Ukuran: 31.7 MB

Komentar di google play



The levels don't really seem to get harder as you progress, and they are generally shorter than the ads which play after every single level or if you die a few times. Combined with the fact that it takes do long before new challenges are introduced, it makes for a pretty boring game. Only fun for about 20 minutes, (at least 10 of which is spent watching ads) and not really worth paying for the ad free version.



The game itself is great and I love it!! But the number of ads is absurd. Everytime you die, there's an obnoxious ad. When you win a level, there's obnoxious ads. I try to support developers putting ads on free games, but this is basically unplayable. I lasted 10 minutes and am uninstalling it now.



The game is cool 😀 but it has a lot of ads and when I tap the next level button it makes me watch an ad about wine or something weird like another game. I'm just like come on I want to hit the x already but all the ads are timed so it makes me watch the entire thing. I can't exit out of the ad until the x comes up in the corner. I don't want all of the these ads. So I give this game four stars cuz it's mostly good I just don't want the ads it's like my head is just spinning with ads.😠



I really enjoy this game. That being said, I have no idea where these reviews are coming from that say there are no ads. I get an ad after every level - and half the time I can't get out of them. I have to entirely close the game and restart it to clear the ad. I am more than willing to watch ads for birds, houses, and backgrounds, but I am forced to watch a full 30-second ad after each 10 second level and it's frustrating enough to make me want to uninstall.



This game is just another average mobile game meant to make as much money with as little effort and gameplay. It tries to make you watch ads non stop. I haven't seen pop up ads which is nice if that's they're decision but I have Adblock but it could just be me. If it offers something for watching an ad and you don't want it the button is difficult to see and just says lose it. I hate this kind of nudging, and I'm not alone. Overall ok gameplay but very generic and annoying experience.



Great game if all the buttons would work! If I died, I would push continue, with an ad, but the button never works!! Always have to start over! That's alot when your playing a game! Other than that, great concept, easy on the eyes scenes, and sometimes it gets hard! I like that. Fix the CONTINUE BUTTON and I will rate yall 5 Stars!! Thank you! For those that dont like Ads, play OFFLINE! The game plays great either way😊😄



Its a unique idea. However, there are WAY too many ads. If you choose not to watch an ad, you shouldn't be FORCED to watch an ad and get no additional rewards. In addition, I got an ad right after I clicked start for a level, and then died because of it. Please fix this and I will consider re-installing it. This is also coming from someone who doesn't mind ads.



So many ads. The game is fun, addicting, and grows more challenging at a great pace BUT THE ADS ARE OUT OF CONTROL! You die: watch an ad to revive or just restart. Click restart and you still have an ad. Want 100 coins? Watch an ad! Want to continue to next level? Still have to sit through an ad. Why give us the options to restart or continue to the next level if no matter what we decide we'll still have to deal with an ad? Super annoying.



Its a fun game! I really enjoy it! The only reason I give it a three is two reasons. One: way too any ads. I can't go one second without seeing one ad. Two: lack of different goals. The only goal is to get to the finish line. And to do a boss you need to watch a ad! But I would recommend this game though.



This is a pretty good app, and can be addicting (when I legit have no other app to play) and I love the skins and ground options. However, after level 30 the levels get wayyy to hard and almost impossible to beat. So you have to continue and resort to the ads to get another life almost all the time. Overall though, I guess it's a pretty good app.

Square Bird
Ditambahkan: 2019-11-16
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