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Nama Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 1.1.2 Ukuran: 13.7 MB

Komentar di google play



The fighting system is good, but there are some small problems with the interface. The "privacy" button makes it hard to click the "menu" button. Also after a battle you can't report because you can't spectate. The game itself is a little laggy, the ads aren't a big problem (🙂). The game itself is really fun.



Very fun game when it doesnt freeze on me, which it does multiple times per match. I have 0 control of myself when this happens. Then when the lag stops i am usually dead or have traveled very far from where i was. I know that it isnt just my phone because it also happens on my pc even more often then on mobile. Fix your servers surviv its gotten horrendous. (P.S. Nobody actually likes the forest gamemode, it's awful)



This is more of a Ok game. Very addictiving btw. Ï have been playing since July of 2019 and there is a lot of lag in the game, a bit of adds, if you get lucky to see one. This is a great game, ok graphics, a little hard to control, and can get you to rage ( My little Brother does. ) Thanks for improving it though, and may all of your wishes come true with the best of luck!



Good, but not great, would rate 3.5 because controls are a bit irratating, so that is issue number one. My second complaint is whenever I'm connected to any wifi network even if it's a very good one, is that it still manages to lag very often. other than those 2 complaints it's a very fun time consuming game.



This game is pretty fun especially since I have a group of friends to play with. But recently I've been having trouble even playing because the the startup menu doesn't even load properly, which is insanely annoying. I can't even get into a game anymore, and I've tried the universal 'turn it off and back on' trick, but can't seem to fix it. I'm assuming this is now an issue with the game itself since I can't seem to fix it on my end. If it helps any, my phone is running on Android Pie (9).



I love to play this game on my PC, so I was really excited when I saw that I could play it on my phone as well. I was impressed by how well it ran on my Samsung Galaxy S7, and how good the joysticks were. I also liked how on mobile you have automatic "trigger finger", which compensates for most of the difficulties of playing on a phone vs. playing on a computer. With that being said, there is the occasional lag (it isn't too bad) and it's definitely harder to play on a phone. Overall, 4 stars 👍



This game used to be good until season 7 and further. Its dissapointing how much lag there is. And when i try to log in, it takes me to the app store and doesnt say anything. Also stop telling me to contact you. Please note the amount of hackers in this game that have infinite health, speed, flares, i could go on and on, but i have a maximum amount of characters. STOP AVOIDING THE PROBLEM AND FIX IT!



The game itself is great, but on mobile it's a no go unless you want to pay to remove ads. The ads on mobile are extremely intrusive after a match you're hit with a video ad, and once you make it to the main menu you will frequently have another ad (this one tends to be an image based ad) but it covers 2/3 of the screen with no visible x button to close it. All in all great game bad mobile implementation.



This game was amazing and it still is. Ever since the devs randomly choose modes everyday, it always kept me playing. One thing that would make this game the best, in the comeback of seasonal modes. And maybe new weapons and locations. Of course i do have problems logging in, i don't know if it is my connection of there is a bug.



I've played this game since the release of Version 0.6.2 and I've enjoyed the game. Sadly, I can't recommend this version of it in its current state, as it has constant lag spikes, bugs with the overall game, and WAY to many ads and other microtransactions for an IO game. If the game ever becomes stable and gets content besides Battle Passes and Loot Boxes then I would perhaps rate it higher, but in its current form the game is in a rough spot. Play the PC version if you want to play this game.

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