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Nama SyncMe Wireless Ekstensi: apk
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Komentar di google play



Excellent app without any issues. I have tried at least 4 other apps with issues like missed syncs, failure to connect, unknown file errors but believe me this is by far the best sync app I have experienced. I sync files between my NAS connected to my router and wanted to free my android from large video and pics taken by camera and in my WhatsApp folder. I would have given it 10 stars out of 5 :) Excellent job Devs!!



App works as claimed and does well with NAS, but you need to have some knowledge of both Android file and PC file structure. In other words, its not for every user. No easy setup or wizard for most users. For example in my LG Android phone the internal memory is called sdcard and to get to the actual extra micro sd card it going through a folder called Storage and then finding an obscure 8 char name. this was confusing. Maybe some day the developer (who does answer emails) can add a wizard. I do recommend the in app purchase for the xtra features. If it wasn't so much trial and error it would be 5 stars.



I used SyncMe for years with no complaints. It automatically synced the photos on all of our phones to our home file server nightly. It worked until I upgraded my Samba server, which no longer supports SMB version 1 (which is old and insecure). For those on Windows 10, it probably won't work anymore. Please implement SMB3! Until then, I'll have to find another solution.



[no longer works in Android 11] This is a must-have app for phones with no external storage... There is one issue that bothers me a lot though: if it fails copy a single file, it fails and stops entire job, instead of continue with next file. For example it fails when trying copy file to Windows computer with ":" in the filename (which can be fixed by setting up a exclude filter *:* , or when destination path length is too long. Would be nice if just keep going logging anything that failed.



Paid for the app. Works well when it does (rarely) 1) App renames files n fails. Should be a straight sync and copy job?? 2) Couldn’t find file at destination. ??? 3) It stops the entire backup process if one file fails. This is extremely annoying! I suggested that the entire job be completed and that the erroneous files be skipped and then you can have error report with skipped files, thereby requiring less user intervention Developer insists that’s not a good idea and is not receptive to ideas



An otherwise great sync app that I use on my phone and chromebook and android tv. The only problem is that on my android tv, the menu button won't show so I can't access the settings to enable the use of ethernet. I've tried contacting the developer of this app but he refuses to do anything about it :/ the menu button on the remote control works for every other app but not this one.



Absolutely incredible, my favorite application in the Play Store. It saved me on numerous occasions. For those that complain they can't get it to work with new Windows 10 updates, go onto Windows Features and add SMB 1.0, and then open up Port 445. After that, share a folder and everything's good. It's a little more complicated, but you can even back up over the internet from a remote locations.



I LOVE this app. Unfortunately, the developer has not updated to use SMBv2. In fact, the app store listing says it hasn't been updated in years. This means up-to-date windows 10 machines will not allow the connection. I must either enable the insecure SMBv1, or find another solution. If you have a secure network and this is not a machine that travels to other networks, you can enable SMBv1 in the "Add Remove Windows Features" area of windows.



Used to be a great app, and it worked flawlessly. So useful that I upgraded to the paid version just to show my appreciation. But now, however, it can only access internal data files and doesn't recognize the microSD card (where most of the data is stored). App hasn't been updated in years and appears abandoned. Almost useless now. Too bad.



Once it is set up, it is very helpful. I am using it to quickly transfer videos to edit on-set. I set up a 2nd camera app and every video transfers almost instantly. Note when setting up, you need to use your Microsoft password, not your computer pin. Also use your name at c/users/NAME, not your computer name. It's great once it's set up. Thanks!

SyncMe Wireless
Ditambahkan: 2020-06-20
SyncMe Wireless
Ditambahkan: 2020-06-20
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