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Nama Seasons Puzzles | Mind Games & Brain Teasers Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 1.3 Ukuran: 71.4 MB

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Best game ever. You get no instructions - figure it out for yourself. Wow! Loved it. Don't use hints, every single one is logical. You may not see it at first, but eventually you'll get it. First game to make me think in ages. Simple, elegant and smart. Really smart.



Interesting game with challenging puzzles across in 4 seasons, of varying degrees of difficult. No ads unless you choose to view to obtain hints, even better, if hints aren't enough, keep watching ads for a solution or skip the level (3 ads total). I would have liked more detail for solutions of 2 levels I couldn't get through unassisted. Otherwise I found it very entertaining & challenging enough to keep wanting to play, infact I had force myself to stop playing! 👍 Well done, more games pls!



A really nice brain teaser puzzle! I completed it in one day, but it has been a nice experience. The puzzles are simple, and the fun is in figuring out the rules of each puzzle. The early puzzles are super easy, the challenge comes in the Winter ones. I got stuck a few times, before using the hint to figure it out. I especially love the block pushing/moving puzzles!



Soft colors. Complex & tricky. Very problem solving. Must think 'outside the box'. Some puzzles a little frustrating but solvable with dilagence. Fun yet very intriguing & unique. Liked it alot!! Good job team!



I will give it four stars because it is a very good game but it's levels was very difficult and tough to solve all the levels was very difficult and I have solve more and more levels to taking any tip and to see the solution of the questions.



Very fun and tricky puzzles. Minimalist design and aesthetically pleasing game. I love it that ads are optional only for hints and solutions.



Great game! The design is really satisfying to the eyes, the puzzles are challenging, and I love that I can actually complete the game. Most other games lately go on into infinity. I can play this again without any hints at all when i want to (I did get a few hints, but the hints don't totally give the answer), but I love the feeling of completion!



Pretty well put together, relaxing music, the puzzles are a 3/5 difficulty and don't seem to increase in difficulty through seasons or throughout the game. Great monetisation method of only having to see ads if you get stuck and choose to trade hints for a 30 sec ad view. A great entry level app to introduce players to this type of game. I give the game a 5/5 overall. Provided many hours of relaxing, thought provoking game time to relieve stress while keeping my mind active.



Very pleasing and enjoyable game. Only regret is that I finished too quickly. Looking forward to a sequel of sorts. The 'seasonal' element was a nice touch and helped give a separation of the puzzles. Right mix of basic problem solving and some "thinkers." No ads unless you want to get a hint for the puzzles. Definitely worth checking out!!



Pretty good. I was able to solve the vast majority of the puzzles without any hints. Puzzle concepts did repeat a fair amount though. But to be fair the repeated concepts often would have a slight twist to increase difficulty just a bit. I do wish the game was a bit longer too. It took me maybe an hour for each of 4 seasons to finish the game.

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