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Although I do really like this game it has a TONof ads. Even for a new game it's excessive. When you choose the non-ad button as opposed to the add bonus, you still get an ad. And to increase any good weapon past lv4 you have to pay cash for it. Seems like a great game, but I'm not impressed with the amount of ads and purchases required to play.



This is a game that could be great but it's not good enough. The aggressive in game ads is a turn-off for sure, it gives me option to respawn, i decline but the ads showed up anyway forcefully without option to skip. The rest part of the game feels okay but lacking something to be the game that I keep in my phone



Great game! So much fun and fast paced. Oh by the way, forced ads after choice of watching ads gave you one star. Take that out and I will be more happy to play longer and watch more ads for the boosts which means more money for you. When I know an ad is forced on me after a choice then I will not watch the reward ads. Also it makes me less likely to play this game for a long time. It is so irritating that I refuse to watch the healing ads after a game.



The game is great the mechanics,guns,heros,etc but the real problem is the players they pay for the characters and guns when your rank 1 you not gonna see many of them but as you progress you gonna see some op players im rank 4 now but i always die to an player that has 11000 life like what and the regen this game needs to be skilled base not just puchasing everything



It's really grete... 👌😉👏 attractive and fun. But it would have been better if less nervous ads were used in all stages of this game. And it is very interesting from the creators of this game that please update this game and refresh it. Things like adding new maps to new game, characters, and commandos with newer and more different capabilities, as well as adding more and more new weapons, and newer and more diverse scans. Which, of course, is mentioned such as bug fixes & problem reports 👍



Liked the game so much after the first couple matches that I paid for the no ads option. I have had to not only watch every mandatory ad still, but also the optional ones. I am furious!! Uninstalled. The company won't respond to us calling them out for stealing money and we'll never get the money back. Horrible company.



The number of hackers are just crazy! And I know ads are your source of revenue, but does it really have to show up multiple times in a stage and even when you choose not to play ads, it still plays it (sometimes without an option to skip!). A game with potential but sadly broken.



*Updated* Great concept, but matching is TERRIBLE. You're paired with others that have double or triple your hit points or with other players able to "one shot" you. Last update changed the "shoot" button, so now it doesn't trigger every time you go to shoot. Auto-targeting is broke, so now you can't strafe while shooting. If you watch an ad to respawn, you might spawn on a structure where you're unable to move. Also, as others mentioned, there are TONS of ads.



Really great game.To those who hate ads just turn off your wifi or cellular data. I also discovered a bug .The bug is that when you play on campaign and your stage one of that level just keep leveling up and if your on stage two just keep leveling up too and after you finish stage two dont go to stage tree go home and go too that level again and you start with some of your levels and skills from the previous match instead of starting from level one again . This bug can be used multiple times .



Fun at first then yeah no. Like you may h up with people at the beginning on your same skill level. After a couple matches you match up with people that have way higher hp. The ones I've been running into have been playing which seems like forever, you can't kill them their regeneration is off the walls. As far as the ads unlike most other games if you decide to pay you don't have to watch ads to power up this one still ads. Garbage game
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Ditambahkan: 2020-09-08
Ditambahkan: 2020-08-27
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