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Nama Web Master 3D Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 46 Ukuran: 157.3 MB

Komentar di google play



this game is amazing but there arena few new bosses you should add my list of bosses you should add is vulture green goblin hobgoblin and sandman also you should add a story mode



This is not a review, but for people who see this I want you to know. Turn off your wifi when playing these type of games. Because it's an offline game, and it turns off ads sometimes if you turn off wifi, good luck!



Awesome game it gives an vr experience and it has awsome skins thanks



Is a good game but there are some bad things. There are too many ads. Everytime I complete a level there is an ad. Plus, I have to pay $3 to get rid of ads. If you can get rid of ads then just get rid of them! Also, there needs to be more bosses like green goblin and sandman.



Full of ads and bug's



When I collect a right box it's changes the web gloves but I like the game



I like all the boss battles but there's one in particular the one with the Halloween the pumpkin one yeah I can't get his health bar down whatever I do I try to hold the web and then shoot it at him and then do it again and then do it again until I die he won't die fix that please



I will be telling my regards to this game from what I experienced. So, when I bought this game, I just wanted a game that I could play without WI-FI. I thought that this would be a cool pick because I thought it had a cool backstory and it was based off of Spider-Man. Once it completely downloaded, I started to play the tutorial level and that went swell but, when I tried to move into the next level it didn't work. And I have tried multiple times and it still hasn't worked. Please fix that bug.



It's really fun but the Halloween bosses health just won't go down at all no matter what you do and it's really annoying.



I like to review games I found from ads, this game is decent, it's actually worthy of 3 stars for having more than 1 level and not being AS repetitive as I figured it would be actually. It's a decent game and time waster. Definitely would fit little kids. But it's just full of ads and there's no new mechanic or anything introduced it's just repetitive levels and a "boss" sometimes that's just a guy in a suit. I'd say decent concept but nothing new.

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