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Nama X-Wing Flight Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 2.02 Ukuran: 72.6 MB

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A good old-fashioned arcade style game in your hands. Little tricky at first getting the controls setup, but once you've got it figured out it is a blast to play. Now only if they would come out with the larger Star Wars ships in a simulator style, that would be great.



Fixed the enemy balance, so its more difficult progressively instead of the same difficulty throughout. Only complaint since new update is it doesn't keep unlocked levels. I have played through twice since latest update and each time i log back in it makes me start at level one, and makes me play through again. Figure its a coding issue but would like to see a fix for it.



It's actually really fun for a relatively small time game that was likely made by a single person. I would have given it 5 stars except for the fact that level 47/49 was impossible in easy mode, I mean that it was physically impossible to get past that level because I died after only 30 second's and have been attempting it for the past week. Good game but the developer should have tested the levels a bit more thoroughly



Hey there, just wanted to say I really love this app. It reminds me a lot of the old star wars flight sim games. The ship selection, the mission variety, you put a lot into them. For a free mobile game, its pretty good. My only complaint is the lack of proper cockpits for the starfighters. Its a bit jarring that the Millenium Falcon is the only ship with the proper cockpit while the x-wing, Y-wing, A-wing don't have any. And the B-wing cockpit looks kinda incomplete. Otherwise, everything else is solid.



The Ads are annoying. Please allow a Remove Ads option that can disable the ads. Also, dying shouldn't mean restarting from the beginning, we should be able to respawn with Lives. They're used to respawn without restarting unless you run out of lives. Missions should also be more than just attack. There should be missions where you have to do multiple objectives, and finishing them all can make you win, while making ship-to-ship battles not needed unless necessary. That's all, this is good game.



Low Budget, but if you liked x wing or tie fighter as a kid, this is great. Default controls kinda suck, change them to no inversion and steer by mobile phone rotation, imo. Wish I could pay for no ads. Also hoping they add tie fighter support at some point. Constructive criticism based on the old days, ships don't seem to have shields, but they probably should, we could divert power, also would be nice if we had buttons for each weapon system, instead of toggle and shoot.



I really like action/sci fi/flight simulator stuff. It reminded me of star wars rogue squadron. The game play in this is really really fun. I haven't been able to find any decent scifi flight games that have good/fun gameplay. It is extremely repetitious however. But you know what would change that entirely? A progression of the story from level to level. If the each level had unique objectives and challenges, that fit the story... This could really be next level awesone.



Truly a great game but it feels like it's missing something and has so much potential. The change with the lasers and torpedoes deflecting off of each other is TERRIBLE. I'd like a way to roll and for the weapons to have much longer ranges though. Besides a few cons it's amazing, I want two Clone Wars era games of this, one with Republic ships and the other with droid ships.



I love this game I've been looking for games like this ill definitely download something else too by blue wave. It would be so much better if there were more teams, like the empire or the separatists, (even though that's kind of what the trade federation is). It would definitely be awesome if there were more vehicles to drive but I love the game how it is ill be waiting for an update.



Hmm. I tried to update my review, but couldn't find it. Edit: OK, I found my original review. But, couldn't edit it (le sigh). I found out how to correct the opposite pitch problem (yay). Turns out you need to go to the Settings Menu, and toggle the X and/or Y Inverse button to Off. Then, all should be good. I'm glad I reinstalled this game. One of the best with great graphics, and low App size.

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