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Nama Adblock Browser Ekstensi: apk
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I've long been a fan of the Adblock Plus desktop plugin and use it on all of the browsers on my laptop. So, when I saw this new Adblock Browser for Android on the Play Store - created by the same developers who created the desktop plugin - I became very excited and installed it on my phone immediately. Unfortunately, just a short time later I uninstalled it. The problem: This browser currently has no provision for importing bookmarks from other browsers, like Chrome and Edge. Since I have a very extensive collection of bookmarks that I use regularly, on both Chrome and Edge, this browser is, again unfortunately, useless to me, and the lack of a bookmark import function is what has caused my low rating. If the developers do add a feature to allow the importing of bookmarks from other browsers, I will then install this app on my phone once again, because, aside from this shortcoming (which is a major one) the browser functions very well.



This is an extremely effective app. It doesn't block ads in your current browser it is its own browser. If you have any game sites that you play but run ads it can completely eliminate them. The primary active browsing that I've done has been so much easier with this app. Also if you're browsing anything sketchy, that's usually full of pop-up ads and redirect links It will shut all that down. I highly recommend it. My experience has been great.



As of 12-1-19, it does not block ads anymore, even with all settings set right. It used to work perfectly, until more and more ads started to slip past. Edit: as of 12-18-19, ads are no longer showing up. Still not very fond of some of the changes made in the 2.0 update (biggest complaint is the browser now doesn't save your position on pages while in reader mode [now known as simplified mode] when your phone goes in sleep mode or not have ABB in focus. Still, it's good enough for me now.



It's 2022 and this browser still doesn't have an export or sync function, so there isn't any way to backup or transfer the bookmarks. Displays a blank screen on YT videos and makes you wait for the "skip ad" button before you can start the video. This app no longer gets updated and appears to have been abandoned by the developers. You can avoid ads and the aforementioned problems by using another browser and an adblocker add-on, such as Firefox for Android with the AdGuard AdBlocker add-on.



I believe this app is abandoned. Since I last downloaded it, the original Firefox had multiple updates, but this app hasn't been updated for 1.5 years. I have been experiencing multiple issues with the app. It still works good enough, but for how long? I loved this app, because it's hard finding extensions for the Firefox app, and the ad blocker continues to work perfectly. However, I am forced to find an alternative.



It allows ads through. I took screenshots and will edit this review to post a link to the screenshots. Not only does it allow ads through, but when an ad makes it through, it also takes over the browser and you can't do anything other than force stop the app and restart it; otherwise the ad stays at the forefront and doesn't allow you to continue to use the browser. Links will follow in an edit.



**Update: After doing some digging, I found I could disable Tab Groups Continuation in chrome://flags/ to get it to work correctly. For some reason if I open a link in a new tab, it shows me both tabs at the bottom of the screen which is very annoying. I'm not sure how to get it back to normal without copying/pasting the url into a new tab or opening every link in incognito mode



I can say AdBlock Browser has improved and mostly works well now. It was less resource hungry compared to Firefox on my old phone (with a mediocre processor and small amount of memory), and it runs great on the new phone. However, the app still lacks a way to stop video content autoplay, which is really annoying. As soon I come across an embedded video, it plays automatically whether I want it or not. Like I said, there's no way to stop this, and that's a huge oversight.



After reporting ads showing up on YouTube videos, nothing happened countless times. After I wrote a review I received a response here(funny how that works). They did address the issue, but instead of blocking the ads, the video just goes black for however long the ad is then if I'm lucky a "skip ad" will show up, or I have to refresh the page. A lazy, half hearted fix. What a shame, the was once a good app. Find something better.



Aside from blocking annoying ads, the biggest reason I use this is to prevent mobile sites from needlessly consuming bandwidth (and costing me money)! This browser seems to have no way to tell it to never automatically download/play video content. Certain sites, like yahoo, love to play video at you that isn't an ad but I don't want to watch, especially when I'm on 4g in some waiting room... Otherwise... it does seem to do a pretty good job of blocking ads, mostly, though some do get through.

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