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Nama AIMP Remote Control Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 2.0.31 Ukuran: 3.4 MB

Komentar di google play



This plugin si a great idea, but it has not been maintained and the support is as non-existent. For those who are that issue with "the next track is not displayed correctly", a downgrade of AIMP to v4.51.2084 will be the solution of the problem.



Album art no longer displays correctly if at all. One device (OS 10) sometimes show part of it, other (OS 6) never shows any. Otherwise works pretty good. But not having album art is big let down for me.



Was indeed excellent, until I came across this issue: When next song is playing in playlist, app showing incorrect track. Name stays on previous track. Is there any workaround to solve this?



Does what it does better than any other alternatives or media player remotes that I know of. One feature request if this app is still maintained: ability to remotely edit track info/tags.



Allows me to view current folder but no other files on my computer are accessible unless I select them on the laptop. Album tracks are sorted alphabetically with no option to change. Useless app



It is nice app, but there some bugs. When next song is playing in playlist, app showing incorrect track. Name stays on previous track. Please fix it.



Have to reconnect/refresh data several times per hour 'cause the app doesn't want to do the most basic component of its job, which is "stay connected to the computer", no matter what in-app settings you activate. Has a timer feature, but no "after current song" option for that timer...which is odd, because the desktop program DOES have a "stop after current song" option (which is what I use the timer for in the first place).



Application is Good, but quite unpolished. Aside from UI issues like displaying old album arts, some functionalities are also missing. In particular, Please fix the Timer Option, I have tried so much, but never seem to fix it. It just doesn't recognize the scheduler plugin installed in AIMP.



Works well, but not being able to browse folders directly makes it a pain to navigate my library. The only way I can move to a different folder is to create a new playlist, choose to Add Tracks, From Computer, and then navigate through my entire C:/ drive to the folder. Would be helpful if you could browse your actual full AIMP Library in-app, rather than just the playlists.



Pretty good in general. But one bug is irritating me really a lot! Each time next song is playing in playlist, app showing previous track playing. I see the same complain over and over again in comments. Any timeline this to be fixed? Do you need any help with it, like collecting some debug data?

AIMP Remote Control
Ditambahkan: 2021-12-20
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