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Nama Avocation Ekstensi: xapk
Versi: 1.2.8 Ukuran: 22 MB

Komentar di google play



This has the best UI I've ever seen in a habit tracking app. It has the only features that I need and very few others: creating habits and marking if I did them on any given day. My only complaint is that the haptic feedback is far too high on my device. However, I requested the devs allow you to disable this feature and they got back to me immediately telling me they'd look into it! I wish more apps stopped flooding us with features and instead focus on what matters like these guys.



Emailed the owner of this app more than once. It's been more than a week and no reply. My issue was that my notifications would not pop up on my phone until I clicked onto the app itself. Then all of my notifications would be blowing up my phone all at once until they finished. After that, the cycle repeats. Upset bc I paid for unlimited membership and the app doesn't work. Loved the idea of how it should have worked.



Can I give this app 6 stars?! If I could, I would. It's the perfect balance of simplistic but attractive. It's super cute, and very easy to use. I paid for the full version and I'd do it again. I had an issue with my push notifications so I emailed the support email, and the creator personally emailed me back several times to help me fix the issue. What a fantastic guy!



I love how simple this is. Please keep it that way! The app design is motivating and the large round icons make it easy and quick to use. I don't recommend adding a bunch of stuff to the app to make it more complicated. Maybe if you decide to add more pages with new features in the future, provide an option in settings to pick and chose which pages you want to display. So that it is not overwhelming. And someone mentioned a progress graph of individual habits. That would be very helpful!



Very limited functionality. It looks pretty, but that is about it. I payed for year subscription, but then decided to cancel once I realized how basic and simple this app is. They can keep the mone, I'm not worried about that . hopefully they will actually make something that is helpful and isn't some barebones, proof of concept with pretty skin. Perhaps this should still be in beta instead of them grabbing money with a product that underdelivers.



It's super simple and straightforward, and the little plant growing was super cute. Just check the icon of the goal you met, and you're done. It only shows your current week goals. It doesn't actually show you a count or streak, you cant look back on previous weeks, and you cant add a day retroactively if you forgot. This app does nothing else, no ability to make notes or any other type of journaling, which is ultimately what I was searching for in a goal tracking app.



Super easy, fun, and cute interface. It has been really helpful and fun to track habits. Plus you can grow cute little plants with your habits, there are graphs, and even small (3-5 min) articles on there with the science behind it and how you can help yourself out. I have recommended this app to friends and it has been my favorite find this year, for sure.



Nice, simple layout. But as someone who simply did not want to pay that much for an app, the free version is pretty restricting. I don't care about the lack of colors, but only one reminder could be used per task, so as someone who has one task 2x a day, I had to make the same reminder twice, leaving me with only 3 other spots. I have a lot of habits I need to track, so only being able to use 5, and having to repeat some of them is too restricting.



I love this app and feel like I finally found the right one for me. I struggle SO MUCH to stay committed to a daily routine. I've tried several apps but non really work. This one has finally worked because It's simple,cute and clean. There's not too much going on to be distracting or overwhelming.You basically have a to do list everyday. Thanks for the great app! 🪴💚



Overall great app, but has a few drawbacks. It's simple, clean, and easy to understand. I'd love to be able to view more of my history. Also would love to be able to make goals weekly or monthly... Seems like the only option is daily or on certain days. I'm sure this will come with development, but I would love the "homework" section to be more interactive rather than just written content i.e. I could take notes/do the brainstorming in the lesson. Also tracking progress there would be helpful.

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