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Nama B612 Ekstensi: apk
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Komentar di google play



This is one of the best camera app ever in my opinion. It's my number one go to camera app! Has everything you could ever need! I love using the makeup filters and can even use the filters during a video 😊😊❤ love it. Now the only thing I don't like is the shortening of videos that they changed. Really didn't like that.



One thing that I don't like about it is the filters keep changing even when I save them. I see some of them disappear and others take their place, those which I never tried/saved before. For example, I saved 12 filters then 5 would be still available in saved/favourite section but rest in that section would be those I never saved. Pretty annoying and nulls the purpose of saving. Else it's quite customisable.



Literally the best app for this that I've used. They don't try to tack on a whole bunch of features that then you have to pay for. The interface is easy to use. It doesn't look super fake (as long as you don't set your settings out of cobtrol) and really an all around awesome app for this. Definitely recommend



Demands access to stored images, videos, and control over phone calls, or won't let you use features that don't even need that. Probably just so app can harvest info. All the filters need is access to camera to try them out, but it wants to force everything and won't let try them.



This is an awesome photo app! There are so many options available that I don't even know what all the app offers yet. However, I'm still learning and trying new things everyday! The reason for the four stars instead of five is because when you edit a picture with more than one face, most of the time, the app only allows for editing one face. Mostly, I do recommend downloading this app, especially if you need to smooth wrinkles and add lip color. Those are the important reasons I like this app.💋



I've gone through a lot of picture editing app's over the year's and this one is, by far, my all time favorite! It's the most entertaining, so many songs to choose from, the filter's are unique, the make-up filter's are realistic and not silly looking. I'm definitely obsessed. Nice work! 👏🏻



The app works great, it's essentially photoshop for your face, it looks so realistic, but since the most recent update when I'm editing, as I go on through the face editing, the eyes get more blurry. Please fix this, I love playing around with the face filters and editing but it really ruins the quality when the eyes get too blurry.



This app can be great but you really have to dig through the filters to find good ones. Lots of repetitive stuff and lots of garbage stickers. But there ate some great effects & filters you must be willing to look through all the fillers. Can take time to load the filters -- just be patient and you can make great pics.



I dont know what is happening, but none of the face filters work anymore. The filters like the sparkles still work, but the actual face stickers don't. Please fix this as soon as you can. This is a great app and i want to continue using it, so for right now, this is why I'm rating it only two stars, but after this problem is solved, I'll rate this app 5 stars because it's an amazing app that i dont want to delete.



I love this app! It has great fun filters and effects plus tons of stickers, and a great selection of filters and photo editing tools. It's also 99% free and doesn't pester you to pay for it. I would give five stars except for the fact that once you save a picture, the app closes. I'd like to be able to save and keep working on a photo. Also I'd like to be able to go back in and keep editing things like text, stickers, etc once I've confirmed the edits, but I'm not sure if that's possible.

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