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Nama Bluetooth Firewall Trial Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 4.5.0 Ukuran: 3.6 MB

Komentar di google play



so far so good. had a neighbor take control of my vdart board and it took me a week to fix it. with this app i doubt that will ever happen again. i am glad to have found this app and have no complaints. i do recommend this if you have had problems with your Bluetooth being taken over or if you feel that you might have problems as this app will put a stop to any problems before they start. thank you to those who created this app! salute.



Works mostly as intended. Pops up all the time interrupting whatever you're doing. One thing.. I had a program that would turn on my BT. This program allowed it while waiting for confirmation. Needs a 'blacklist' as well as whitelist.



I had a hidden bluetooth device across the street that kept connecting to me , it was actually in my house hidden , someone placed in here and had the gps log identity across the street , and they had the name changed so it said it was my car . I would've never known if it wasn't for this app . Thanks alot !!



So far this is the only app!!!!; The only app!!! That had kept my account actually safe from hackers, i can't believe it!!! I've been dealing with a higher problem for 6 months now, and i can't even begin to tell u how many times i have had to set up new accounts and new devices, it was exhausting, ive only had this all installed for around 5 hours, but it is working great!!!



I've been looking for a Bluetooth firewall for æons... App looks pretty solid. Just installed it with the trial. I'll subscribe without a doubt if it works as it promises. (Looks very professional on a technical standpoint for UX functionalities' descriptions just as visually. Update in a few weeks).



I have the ability to learn today's modern technology but am just way to busy to get into it to deep. Sometimes things need all ready be done and avalible to people like me. My boyfriend had hacked my using a combination of methods. This app I actually watched it work and stopped him before he could get back into my phone. GREAT APP THANK YOU TO THE DEVELOPERS



For a week and a half, while back and forth with phone companies and their clueless employees, I was relentlessly perturbed knowing that I was having issues with "some virus". That's when, before my very own eyes, I got smarter. I googled "bluetooth virus". There I was introduced to the monster "BLUEBORNE". Somewhat relieved, I knew I was onto it. After researching patches and fixes I went to the play store and found a "godsend". The gift of Bluetooth Firewall was available for download. GET IT!



Well so far so good. It has shown me that I do in fact have a suspicious device connecting and watching through my phone. It even tells me when, but it doesn't unconnect or even stop the pairing from an untrusted source? Why is that even possible with a true firewall? Maybe I'm missing something in the settings. I will update and give 5 stars if there is a real functional firewall. I will learn the app and how to use it then update my review accordingly.



Stellar!!! I have a stalker he is constantly sending people to Bluetooth hack my phone...I had to keep buying new sim card or phones & change my phone number; to get my privacy back. Now with the his app he can't clone my phone thru blue tooth anymore. People can't make $$ to do it anymore. I will buy the full version soon cuz I love the free version so much! It is Very Stable.



I was recently a victim of being hacked to the extreme they got into everything around me that had WIFI or Bluetooth in it... this app has given me a sense of security with the notifications of changes within the Bluetooth alone! Will be purchasing full version stat!

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