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Nama bubble for JYPnation Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 1.1.1 Ukuran: 28.1 MB

Komentar di google play



This app is very good, but it has some things that I don't like; three messages is very little, apart from the fact that these have a limit of letters; I don't like hearts being reset every time that the membership ends and it takes a while to have it again. These are things that I don't like because I pay monthly for something and I don't like losing my hearts every time I'm late.



Great app i just love receiving messages from the members. But if i could have one suggestion it would be that the app needs to have auto-translation, because i cannot be bothered pressing every single message from the artist individually as it takes a few seconds to appear sometimes and when i face 200+ unread messages it would be nice to just scroll through it and read😅, rather than translate everything manually. 🙏 please make it possible



The app is a lot of fun and i love the photos and voice messages I get! The in-app translator is REALLY bad sometimes, though. Gives me a good laugh when something totally nonsensical comes up.



Personally, I love the app. I know its a bit unrealistic for the idols to respond to the thousands of messages received and its hard to understand the context of the conversation without knowing what they're responding to. Obviously many of them do not understand English so I can only imagine the translations have to be a pain and if English to Korean is as bad as Korean to English...yikes! It might not be perfect, but a better translator algorithm is well needed. Other than that, love this app



I've never been so furious. The app forced me to update, but the update option wasn't available and I couldn't log in. When it finally let me update, I lost everything the artists shared with me (pictures, audio recordings, videos, and text). An auto save option should be added to protect content during an update.



It is all good, but I have 2 issues, 1.- TRANSLATIONS. They're awful, to the point I can't understand what the idol says. There are many of us that do not speak Korean and rely on the translations. 2.- Connection issues. It sometimes does not connect to update messages when I get a message notification, it's weird. Edit: added a star bc translstjons have been updated and work like a charm now. And added another one because i haven't had connection issues for a while now.



Well to start of I can't purchase a ticket even tho I updated this app more than three times and it tells me the same thing over and over again "cannot purchase due to unknown error. Please try again after closing the store" I don't know what that means but it's really frustrating why can't I purchase a ticket neither text even tho I can see the artists pictures freely. Can I please know the issue??



Entertaining, but needs improvement! The messages aren't clear with whom or what they are responding to, and, the translations are not accurate! Even the basic Hello, is translated incorrectly. (from someone who can read basic Hangul) I'm not a fan of certain restrictions within the app either, but overall, I enjoy receiving messages and seeing what the artist is up to.



Pretty good app. It's fun to see messages from the artists, even if they don't often respond directly to me (ㅠㅠ) My only displeasure is that the translations are often a bit awkward or inaccurate, and if you have to switch devices like I did, all of your previous conversation is lost. Other than that, I dont know of any issues.



So, this app looks really nice and all and navigating through it is rather simple. Unfortunately, it seems like I can't use the most important aspect of the app which is buying Bubbles to speak with artists. I first thought it was only me but the issue seems to be with other Android phones too. The thing is my phone is still just a year old and on its latest update along with the app, so I don't know what is going on here. Bubble please fix this problem as it seems it's one that's common.

bubble for JYPnation
Ditambahkan: 2022-01-23
bubble for JYPnation
Ditambahkan: 2021-11-18
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