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Nama Collabora Office Ekstensi: apk
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I would be very wary of this app. I have a 32bit lenovo chromebook and the charts have many issues, there are no keyboard short cuts, there is no scrolling capability ( you have to change the percent of spreadsheet shown on the monitor then select what you want, you can not scroll to it. There are more issues too numerous to mention.



There are two problems I always have with this. First, the app periodically stops working needs to be completely reset. Second, the app has a weird problem I've never seen before in software like this. Sometimes a character will become "stuck" to the cursor. Typing something puts it behind the character despite the cursor being in front of it, and backspacing deletes the character beside the "stuck" one. This problem is especially bad for productivity, and I can't recommend the app due to this.



Fantastic app, far better than the alternatives, but there are two issues I've been having with it. When I'm entering text it will capitalize a letter then not allow any modification to it, so I have to delete the previous word along with the word I'm trying to type and this happens at least once a sentence to where I've had to enter text into a note app first. The next is when I highlight text the keyboard app goes away so I cant delete the text the only option is to cut.



Great start for Chrome OS but needs work. It doesn't handle highlighting text very well when using a mouse and scrolling with a scroll wheel doesn't work. That said, I love that it lets me edit files directly from Nextcloud and it almost feels like a native desktop app on Chrome OS. I think once the bugs are worked out, this will be a killer app for Chromebook users like myself who want to reduce their dependence on Google Drive and Docs.



Great app. Finally found one that will let me open a password protected document. Edit: downgraded one star. When I open a file there is no option to just close the file without saving. It automatically saves it. This is a real problem as I might have mistakenly changed the file. I have to download the file from the network or make a copy just to view it so when it saves it I don't care because it's a copy.



So far so good. Wish I could open a file from a network location (Dropbox). Have to open my file explorer, search to the desired location and click on the file I want; does not show up in the recent file list. Like the idea that I have to enable editing first; prevents careless mistakes. Developers responded within an hour and got me on the right track. Love this app.



I'm really excited for this app as I love the open source community. For some feedback, I have had issues with it corrupting files that I am editing and then not being able to reopen them (I have seen a few other comments with this issue). While I was running the app I kept getting errors on my phone as well (sorry, don't have specifics) and it wasn't always responsive. All in all great job and keep up the good work.



I like the app quite a bit. I have only had one main issue: the app keeps stopping and forcing me to close it. I can reopen the app and work for a bit but then it will stop functioning again and I need to close it. While the open/close cycle is annoying it's not a deal breaker for me. I find it's a good alternative to Google Docs and Microsoft Word, especially if you pair it with LibreOffice on your computer. If the issue gets resolved later, I'll happily change my rating to five stars.



Let me start this review by saying I LOVE libreoffice and grateful this app is available on Android and I thank the developers for their hard work. Now I have to complain, it's buggy. The biggest bug I encounter is the keyboard begins flickering when editing a page, and having to mash the back button until it goes away. The two others are the app crashing and hanging up my entire phone. And sometimes the text will randomly turn white while typing. If these were fixed it'd be close to perfect!



The default format for new documents is the open document format, although the program can export to other formats, and when I have a keyboard and mouse/trackpad connected to my tablet (It's about the size of a small laptop, so pretty frequently), I feel as the controls are somewhat lacking. Most of the keyboard shortcuts aren't where I expect them to be, or missing entirely. Regardless, it's a very good Office Suite for Android, and I would definately reccomend this to my friends.

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