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Nama Eureka – Are you up to the brain challenge? Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 2.1 Ukuran: 52.1 MB

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This game is fun and it is good for your brain to be in shape. A very good feature is that it shows you what percentile you're in based on the performance of the given task. I would give 5 stars if it also showed enhanced statistics, like the distribution of performance based on single task and where u fall on the bell curve, the same thing based on certain sets of tasks, and also based on all of the tasks. I recommend this game for people who enjoy simple puzzles based on speed.



Edit.. my bad..i couldn't see it from playing the game but vibration control is there, when you open the app only, not during play... I'll review again when I've played some more.. Cheers guys Ok . It's apparently based on speed and accuracy as well as correct choices.. it's good for what it is but not my bag.. Thanks, anyway, guys. Not sure what's missing; i haven't played more than a few levels because I'm no good at speed rounds and they're stressful, not relaxing,for me.



ATROCIOUS! I AM FURIOUS! Tap the squares as they fell, kind of like the falling blocks in Tetris®, but they are supposed to be tapped as they fall, before they disappear from the bottom of the screen. SEEMS simple enough, and it was. Oh, except for the part where the game cheated in that I was tapping them with very little problem: I have been playing drums for 30+ years; I can tap accurately and I play something similar in another game so I know it is not my phone. You need to fix it.



Great game!! I gave it 4 stars because it just has to many ads. Fewer ads and I would have gave it a definite 5 star rating. NOTE: I did figure out not to play the demo on the ads because it just takes you straight to another page to download the game, then to another page if you don't download the game. Soooooo if you want to get back to playing this game just "X" out of the first 2 pages of the ad.(OOPS! Did I just say page's? I meant windows. I 'm from the stone age...when we read books.)



This game looks like it's advertising itself as a trickster game, which it isn't. It has great graphics & controls, but there's really nothing about it that 'challenges your creativity' or makes you 'think outside the box', or gives you a eureka moment. Just helps things like attention, memory, etc with average mini-games that get boring quite easily. So if it's a normal brain game, at least it should have statistics, more complex trials, track-reports, in other words it should actually help.



Great Game I play every day sometimes more. It is fun and challenging in various ways. There are basically no instructions which sucks on new games because it's sink or swim learning by trial and error. It doesn't take long to figure out but can be frustrating. No instructions also means *similar* *same* means different things depending on color/shape but overall it is workable. It is worth the frustration for the skills and wins.



This is a fun game but the full 30 second ad after every other level is too much! At least give the option to opt out after a bit . Most games have this and no one wants to spend more time watching ads than playing it! Reply to dev: lots of games have ads to help revenue, but they don't req. Full 30 sec. view. Update: Thanks for listening and making changes! Ads much more manageable now! Means a lot that you read these and make changes to game to make it better!



Some levels are too simple, others are a bit challenging. Then you have the maddeningly simple ones that you discover were only a big challenge because you were going about it completely wrong. Facepalm. Ads have been few to average amount so no complaints there. Overall good time waster that will draw you back in over and over just to see what awaits you in the next level!



This, all in all, is pretty good. It's a good way to challenge your brain a little bit while still having at least a little bit of fun. The challenges are relatively simple, but doing them fast can be a tad difficult. Definitely not a bad app, and I'd recommend it for people who are interested in puzzles and time trials, despite the timers being somewhat lax.



I enjoy this game. It is challenging, but not impossible. The main issue is the touch screen responsiveness. It is so frustrating to tap to change the shapes, and I end up tapping too many times because of the slow response time. Or, destroy all the squares as they fall off the screen while I'm tapping furiously, but accurately, and yet still miss the squares . This forces me to re-do the level until by sheer luck, I'm able to pass. I have gotten close to deleting this app out of frustration.

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