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Nama GamePad Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 1.7 Ukuran: 1.1 MB

Komentar di google play



This is an ok app, the are a few problems though 1. It drains the battery faster than any other app I've used 2. It takes forever to get the gamepad on the screen because when I tap the notification that says "tap to show gamepad" it doesn't appear at all and I would have to keep on trying 3. After a while the gamepad will remove itself from the screen, this happened to me while I was playing Undertale Please fix this



HI! This is a good app. What I was looking for. But the background of the game pad is not transparent. It occupies to much of the screen so I can not use it. I saw a video on you tube where the background is transparent. Is it possible to change the transparency or the app does not have that option. Cause it would really be a 5 star app. Thank you!



this is maybe the only app that does what I want, which is to have a game pad on my phone without needing to plug a pc or whatever, it's just for my own phone and its apps. However on some bullet hell games, dodging becomes very hard with its dpad, it's kinda sloppy, and the qwerty is not aligned as a gaming keyboard would be. Therefore it became useless for my needs. I suggest being able to place the buttons on anywhere on the screen like other apps do so I can optimize its key positioning.



With this, I can play Undertale... But sometimes, it doesn't works and I can't play at all. Like, I can't move and when I move, it's too late... In Undertale, you have to be faster to not lost HP, but I can't be faster with these problems... And why the buttons are too small??? Can't be more bigger? It could help so much. I love this app, but I hate at same time. If you guys fix that things, I would love more this app...



I don't mind it, but my main thing is trying to get the game pad up. I wanted to play Undertale, but when I went to play and tapped the notification the game pad wouldn't come up. I had the the same issue on my other phone as well. It's very annoying and aggravating. The game pad doesn't work when tapping on the notification 90% of the time.



It's works BUT the gamepad tends to chop off some of the game display which may make dialogue harder to read. The fix would be adding more customisation so you can have the buttons at full opacity, but turn down or off the background part. Being able to resize things like the movement button would be great too, since it can be a bit janky due to size. - - If these issues end up fixed, I will up the rating to 5 stars.



could be better. it is difficult to switch between keyboard and gamepad modes. instead of swiping, a button would be better. also it would be nice to control the transparency of the keyboard. overall it is functional, unique, and has potential.



Works decently really. I wish we had the option to customize the button layout, the appearance of the buttons, and overall more keys to choose from when selecting the emulation, like the native key " * " for example. I know it's been a while but do you think you could please update your app's funcionality to comform with current standards? It is simply the only serviceable alternative in the market. I have found no other app like this one thus far.



A way to fix the bug... So when the app works, it's great. But when it stops working, it really stops. Even if you reinstall. So, I find a solution by accident. If you download "GTA 3 demo cheats", even if you're playing a different game, it will let you pull up any keyboard you want with a little layover widget, including this keyboard. And it's easy to move or hide the widget. So cheat away!



This app is really good for certain PC ports of games. However the only thing that makes this pretty un-enjoyable is the layout of the buttons. While playing a Deltarune port, I keep missing attacks and sometimes my thumb goes off the d-pad. I have a large phone. The thing is there are no alternatives to what this developer puts out here so I am stuck with what I get. I just options to adjust size of the buttons and d-pad, and another option to move the d-pad anywhere you want on the screen. Thx

Ditambahkan: 2020-06-20
Ditambahkan: 2020-06-20
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