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Nama Bike Computer - GPS Cycling Tracker Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 3.5 Ukuran: 6.8 MB

Komentar di google play



Love this app! It gives me immediate and constant feedback for my ride. The graphics are clear and easy to see from my riding position. I especially like the auto-pause feature if I stop to chat with someone, or have to wait for a traffic light. The stats after a ride a accurate and I love the map it shows of my ride!



This is a nice app to map your ride and give you live stats. One issue is if you select Imperial units and set your weight in pounds, it still shows your weight in kilograms no matter what you select. It would also be nice if this app would be expanded to connect with Google Fit and share stats for health related apps. The interface is nice and clean.



it's just what I needed. No wifi or DATA required and it's fairly accurate with speed and distance and close enough estimating elevation. At least I found it to be consistent. I don't pay attention to the calorie info since it doesn't take elevation changes into account and estimating MET for an activity is guesswork anyway. The ads pop up once in a while ofc but they're not overly intrusive. It's a free app, whaddyagonnado. update: sometimes, the app doesn't record even though it started.



Controls are simple and has the features I'm looking for. When comparing accuracy to my bike computer it is right on, when it works. And that's the problem. Sometimes it tracks the entire ride But other times it stops anywhere from 1/2 mile to 3 miles short. I have tried all the suggestions in the comments with no luck. I ride 20 miles every morning usually the same route. If it wasn't for this I'd give it 5 stars.



Simple and effective app. Love the estimated calories burned, though unsure just how accurate that could be. The elevation feature is very inaccurate, but I live in Miami so it's pretty much flat here anyway. I left off a star for the annoying video ads. I understand a free app has to make money with ads, but video ads cut off your music or podcast. Highly annoying.



Really like the app except for a couple problems I have with it. The good is that I love how simple it is compared to other similar apps I have tried. I just like a bare bones cycling app that tracks miles, calories, time and speed. The bad, the app has frozen up on me a couple times and I wasn't able to track my distance. I also have noticed that my distance isn't always consistent. I will travel the same route and the distance won't be the same. Like 6.10 miles one time 5.85 the next.



Get what you pay for. Used it for the first time today. Worked fine for a while, then it kept going into automatic pause mode - while I was moving. I'd have to keep pressing Pause then Resume to get it to come back on... But there was no logic to the number of times I had to do it. 17 mile (plus whatever distance didn't get counted) and it went into Autopause about 15 times.



I've tried a few bike computer apps. This one gives me most of the information I need in an easy to read and access format compared to the others. It only lacks two things I'd like to have: 1) The ability to track ride/elapsed time, and 2) The ability to customize the main display. The Kcal information isn't useful to me, but ride/elapsed time would be. These two features are the only reason it gets a 4 star rating instead of a 5.



Perfect distance tracking app. Simple. What I needed. Doesnt require login every time. Also doesn't badger me about linking with Google, or any other external sites. Although one time i rode a route down 29 miles, turned around and rode the same exact route back and it only tracked me as doing 27.6 miles. Kinda confusing. This app is still the best one I've tried by far! Definitely gonna stick with it✊.



I mostly like the app, except it does have some bugs. One of the bugs is that if you put your app into pause mode for a while and then when go back and it takes your average speed and makes it a negative number. And then when you look at your results after you finish your ride it has the altitude as negative though I am above sea level. In the last problem is that when it auto pauses it keeps time going and when you look at your results it's not accurate as far as what your real riding time is.

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