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Nama Image To Text Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 1.3.6 Ukuran: 8 MB

Komentar di google play



What a great app. Not 100% accurate all the time, but having over a hundred pages I need to type up, this has saved me a tonne of time. I recommend a proof read just to make sure it has read your originals properly - I'd say 98% accurate at worst.



It's amazing, easy to use..I can't believe it's possible to change pic to word .like I snap the page and it extracts the words and I can edit anyhow I like.. I am amazed. The only issue is, the words DNT come out exactly as it is in the pic..but it's far better than typing afresh . Am balling with this app



This app is extraordinary,life made easy of copy and paste. It's really helpful especially to me as a student with so much of work to do. School is overwhelming at times but with this app, I recommend to everyone who wish life was easy and it has been made easier with this app without struggle.



A very good app, I've enjoyed using it and also recommended to several of my colleagues. Although, the texts becomes disordered sometimes, and it's capture of handwritten texts should be looked into. Keep up the good work. Thanks



This is a legit app 100%. But it depends on what type of images you want to convert in text. Sometimes I struggle in spacing and also the letters because of font style. Its free and can use even not using internet. Can crop what sides you want to copy,but only square and rectangle and like upper only, middle or bottom of the image. You can also rotate it, left or right,360 degree and also have little space for your phone. It has only 7.2MB. In my opinion its really convenient and so easy to use.



Very useful application. Helps you to get the text in images etc. in editable form. I've given it four stars only because sometimes a few words or a sentence or two may get shifted to a different location (usually at the end), and therefore you must read the entire text to locate and rectify such errors.



Love it !! Great for searching something ...when in doubt just click ..copy to clip board..and paste into chrome ..!! 🤓 I think it doesn't have a clear and click again feature or back to camera click feature...the only way I can access that page is by closing the application and opening it again .Would be easier if that's available !!!



This was just what I needed to copy out some parts of a book that I'm using for a personal project. The conversion was pretty good. It needed some editing but caught all of the text. The app handled text at an angle and text photographed around the curve of the book's page. The interface could use a little work. I was unable to figure out how to use a function that seems to be available.



Very nice and useful app. Simple interface and super wonderful. It's amazing to see an app like this given out for free. Keep it up. Just improve on the picture format to be scanned. Its still selecting formats. It's not scanning PNG images as phone Screenshots, I have to convert each images to JPEG before scanning. Then, Let this app also scan and place each text and numbers in a Cell like worksheet or Tabular forms. Thanks



This app is absolutely amazing! I can get an entire of sheet of writing no problem, only the very fewest minor tweaks and always perfectly readable. And then after you get your text, you can just copy and paste the whole thing in a split second and they only show you one single ad once it's done and it's not even a video. It only shows up for 5 seconds. Everyone should need this! Very helpful for studying or if you want to make clean copies of things without a printer/scanner.

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