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Nama InBrowser - Incognito Browsing Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 2.43 Ukuran: 2.6 MB

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The only real problem I've had is that when you hard press an image with a link, inbrowser would not display the option to open the link in a new tab sometimes. It would instead have open image in new tab displayed. The run in background time limit also has too few options allowing only up to 30 seconds. Asides from this, the app does pretty much everything I want. If inbrowser had a built in adblocker too, I would be willing to pay for this app as long as its a one time purchase.



I wrote a review earlier and I don't think anyone reads it nor cares. This browser straight up sucks. Constant redirects and scripts running that shouldn't. I can't control anything about it. It's also difficult to get used to, like working with old browser, trying to search for something similar to a web address, if you put it in the address bar it'll try to go to the website. I'm forced to use a search page. There's no go button for the address bar either.



Really nice privacy/secure browser when. Used in combination with a VPN. I configured it to be default when opening links so I don't have to worry as much about questionable sources. Only complaint is it sometimes won't pull up the keyboard when I click in a search bar on a web site. Workaround is to click in the browser bar and the keyboard works.



The most recent version is not modern enough to load certain sites. No paypal, etsy, certain news sites. Please update it! I like this browser otherwise because it's simple, fast, and when you exit that's it- no leftovers running in the background or piling up to weigh my phone down over time.



Loved it for about 2 weeks but since then I have problems. Started one time I signed into Yahoo through browser and somehow it allowed Yahoo to become default browser. I reversed this easily enough but ever since then I've been unable to set English as default language in any search engine - it keeps defaulting to Catalan and I have to change it every session. I also feel I'm getting too many sponsors or placed search results or at least they're ordered very different than when I brought we on other devices. And while I'm willing to live without Bookmarks, the browser sometimes terminates the session when I go to Notepad to Cut & Paste a URL. Too bad I really like the page rendering and speed is OK, but I'm going to have to try something else.



I keep coming back to this browser for security because of its simplicity and it works. Other "incognito" browsers leak the phones location or don't honor the browser's settings and use the system default (language, location, etc.). Yes, the browser lacks functionality. However, that is acceptable when I want anonymity when browsing specific sites.



I LOVE this browser, but not for the privacy part (no one has access to my phone). At Wi-Fi hotspots I know I'm connected, and it's not just cached data from yesterday. Makes a great duo with hotspot manager apps where you have to agree to the terms of service by checking a box or tapping a button. ( I use the Straight Talk WiFi app, but there are other good ones also.)



Wow! A browser with NO databases, two preference files (one containing only the browser version, one containing only the user-set options), one Content Provider (FileProvider), one Activity (to run the browser itself), one Broadcast Receiver (for cleanup on exit), NO services, NO extra files left behind after you exit the browser, and NO suspicious connection attempts. No surreptitious tracking, no built-in ads, no phone-home to Google or anywhere else... a truly privacy-based browser.



I would have given this browser three stars but it hasn't been updated in a while. It's a pretty fast browser but it doesn't have an ad blocker. If this browser gets updated and has an ad blocker, I may consider giving this browser either four or five stars, depending on whether or not it still performs as well as it dose on most of my devices. The only device this browse has issues on is my tablet (HP 7, running android 4.1.2) where most websites don't work properly.



I love almost everything about the browser, except that I seem to have to hook my phone up to a computer to be able to pull images out of the hidden downloads. There needs to be an easy way to export things to the regular storage. Also, the downloads page does not support animated gifs. Finally, the URL bar does not support Swype keyboards. Otherwise, I really have nothing to complain about. Great app.

InBrowser - Incognito Browsing
Ditambahkan: 2020-04-30
InBrowser - Incognito Browsing
Ditambahkan: 2020-06-20
InBrowser - Incognito Browsing
Ditambahkan: 2020-06-20
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