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Download Math Exercises for the brain, Math Riddles, Puzzle 2.7.1

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Nama Math Exercises for the brain, Math Riddles, Puzzle Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 2.7.1 Ukuran: 14.8 MB

Komentar di google play



I love the app. Never liked maths in school, but after a couple of weeks with this app I'm starting toenjoy it. Paid $0.99 and no more ads.



Best learning game 💙 but the problem is that, there is no music when you are playing. It will be more fun when music is attached to it



Excellent. It's the only math game that has a training mode with such flexibility. It's exactly what I was looking for.



Good app, helps with keeping mind sharp with constent use and yes there are ads, but are minimal and video ads have a skip button or if you don't what to see ads just disconnect data or wifi.



While learning addition, it's asking me to substract in my head to get the right answer. That is not how you learn addition. I only want to focus on addition first. Same style in other sections too.



I love like really love just one problem 4÷2=2 and 1÷2=2 and I had both on the quick math awnser board and I got it wrong and I am not just getting that wrong because 2 questions before that 1÷2=2 was the right awnser. If you have nothing to do you can fix that.



I play a few minutes everyday and my mental math abilities are improving. Good clutter free interface and variety of challenges. Would love it if ads were dropped, annoying 30 seconds long. I dont like the table of grow game, its an annoying waste of time, hate seeing it in the daily and weekly challenge. Please drop that game from challenges.



1) I do graphic design, often for video games and UI/UX interfaces - this needs a little love; 2) Having ads every time you make a move is outright annoying, I've done in-field unbiased surveys using generic questions...the #1 offender = too many pop-up ads; 3) It's actually a good game itself, and the operative logic function seems to adapt with what you capabilities are, not whether the developer wants you to buy a `hint` or something, which is a big +; 4) More variety in games would help



I enjoy it so far, but it's not five stars for me yet since you can't move it to an SD card. I only have so much room on my internal storage, so I'll probably end up uninstalling this. I'd rate higher if the devs let you change the storage. Disappointed really, it's pretty fun.



Its good but the ads make it so annoying!!!! -- Going from a 4 star to a 2 Star because the Ads are too overwhelming-- I mean I used to be able to play for a decent time before an ad came up -- Now is EVERY FREAKING MINUTE!!! --- AND the most annoying thing is that it forces you to see the ad -- you can't close it. Il start looking for a different app. I can't barely use this app anyways!!!!!!!

Math Exercises for the brain, Math Riddles, Puzzle
Ditambahkan: 2021-12-21
Math Exercises for the brain, Math Riddles, Puzzle
Ditambahkan: 2021-07-29
Math Exercises for the brain, Math Riddles, Puzzle
Ditambahkan: 2021-03-17
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