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Nama Pioneer ARC Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 2.4.1 Ukuran: 39.8 MB

Komentar di google play



Great way to fine-tune speaker output, and access app music. I see alot of poor reviews from people that did not take the time to learn app, or choose correct connection options. My only request would be to make the "Pioneer ARC Hub" as a default load upon plugging into USB instead of my saved ringtones. Keep up the good work.



Tried with three mobile devices. The app froze the first phone. Second phone just would not initialize Spotify and pandora, but played stored music on phone just fine. Third phone connects, plays 30 seconds of Spotify, then quits playing media. Solution? Just uninstall the app and play pandora and Spotify through the USB connection. Don't really know what this app is useful for, even for the 30 seconds it works. Love pioneer, hate arc.



App works great for control of my head unit. 1 star, because when im not connected to anything, and not using the app, it randomly starts playing some weird symphony sounding music on my phone. This happens randomly at all hours (12:45 a.m. this time). i only figured out it was this app after closing all running apps, and then force stopping apps until the music stopped, when I forced ARC to stop. It happened again, i went straight to forcing this app to stop, and the music stopped.



App worked as expected with a DEH-s6010bs and a Samsung J7. When I upgraded to a Galaxy A6 the app no longer works. I can control the phone through the head unit, and vice-versa, but the sound refuses to come out of the radio. It comes out of the phone as I control it with the radio. Pandora will not work through the app either. Is it my new phone that isnt supported? the old one works just dine still....



It constantly needs input like selecting which source you want to use and it seems like most of the app integration functions like the ones with Google play music, Waze don't work, only selection that works properly is the Pioneer Arc hub and that's all I use, but every time I turn the stereo off and back on, or unplug phone, I have to manually select what I want Arc app to control, would put 5 stars but this has been the frustrating issue I've always had. Using the Pioneer FH-S51BT head unit.



worked fine with my old android phone. I upgraded to a galaxy s9+ and now I cant get my phone to play through the radio via USB. my unit does not have bluetooth, so I deleted the app. reinstalled it today and it shows the music information on my radio screen, but the sound is coming out of my phones speaker....unless you have any ideas of how to make it work( and turning off the debugging doesn't work, I tried the last time before I deleted it.), I will be deleting it again.



Cool concept, poor execution. I thought it was a cool feature to have an app connect to my head unit but the app hardly connects, it keeps running on my phone even when I'm not close to the car, and the app is outdated and practically useless. If you want to use Spotify, you can just connect to the head unit with Bluetooth without needing this app. Only thing this is useful for is color settings for display/keys and EQ settings which you won't be adjusting often.



Good app as far as it what it was intended tk do. UI is godawful. The single most terrible and actually enraging part about this app is that it has the WORST royalty-free music that default plays as soon as you connect to your radio and continues to play through your phone when you disconnect your phone from the radio, closing the app does not stop the music, you have to manually go in the app to pause the music. It's unexplainably aggravating.



This app is crapp. After installing the head unit and doing nothing to it but setting the time, I tried to install ARC on my phone. So far, it refuses to recognize the wired connection (despite what the salesman said, the head unit does not support Bluetooth) even though I set the head unit to use the wired connection. The app insists on shutting down and waiting for the Bluetooth connection and there is no way to override this in ARC. USB debugging has nothing to do with this because I mistakenly assumed that some other poster's suggestion to enable USB debugging would somehow fix everything. Wrong. Pioneer needs to stick with making electronics. They do a fantastic job with that. Producing apps or putting their names on third party apps? Not such a good idea.



My stereo doesn't have blue tooth so I was excited when I could use the USB port to read music. I don't want to have my phone in my hand and Change songs. It was great changing it on the stereo. Then I kept hearing tiny cut interruptions every 5-8 seconds . So I thought maybe it was reading the music wrong. I installed the app hoping it would fix this issue. Then it disabled changing the music on the deck. back to aux cable.this app should not even be an option. It totally sucks . The whole point is to not use your phone while driving. Trying to reinvent the wheel or some ish

Pioneer ARC
Ditambahkan: 2020-06-20
Pioneer ARC
Ditambahkan: 2020-06-20
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