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Nama Putty SSH Ekstensi: xapk
Versi: unknown Ukuran: 3 MB

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Ads every minute or two, with sound and moving pix. No dollar key that I can find. Pity. Otherwise would be at least promising. Nice term spec.



Seems to at least work, but ads are extremely intrusive. I don't see any evidence to suggest this has anything to do with the Windows 'Putty' product.



Worked very well I was up and working on a server in two minutes. I encountered 1 ad with timer & one w/o and could be closed immediately. Спасибо!



Always a pleasant experience to be typing into terminal a command and a full screen ad randomly pops up and ruins the terminal experience



Better than the rest I've tried, and it seems to have the snappy response as the Windows version. I'd gladly pay for an ad free version because ads appear just at the moment you could do without them!!



"Contains ads" is an understatement. Ssh agent won't work. Shows just a blank screen after establishing connection and shows annoying full screen ads after every disconnect Edit : i understand ad revenue is important for you and your team as well. So that's ok. I uninstalled the app



Could be a great app like PuTTY on other platform but ads spoil everything. Removed it from all my devices. Will only install it once there is a ad free version available (for a few bucks if the developers want it, NOT a subscribtion)



Works well, then you cop a full screen ad, which kind of breaks it for me. I've looked through help etc, but cannot find how to register etc, to get rid of the ads so it can actually be used seriously.



This is Putty for android! As I have to ssh into servers I run at home and work this app gets the job done! There are a few rough spots, is it the android keyboard or the Bluetooth keyboard not sure but at least the app brings up F1~F12 function keys on screen when needed. So much better than having to use teletype as an interface and yes I'm showing my age here. For the most part once a session is up using a Bluetooth keyboard and a tablet I kind of forget that I'm on a android device and using it as a commuter terminal



Garbage. Pops up adds every few minutes while you're trying to use it. Poor keyboard layout. Almost impossible to do the simplest task

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