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Nama Real Chess 3D Ekstensi: apk
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I wanted to learn how to play chess and the highlighted pathways helped my to quickly master the basic moves. The graphics are not distracting - understated but each piece is clear and distinctive. The classic design is also a nice way for a beginner to start. The 'easy' setting allows the novice to progress without the frustration of playing another experienced player or at an impossible higher level. We love it!



The graphics are great, but the reason I give it 2 stars is the player experience. I am an amateur chess player (by no means an expert) but there are seemingly 2 difficulty settings though the game shows 4. The easy is extremely easy, however the next level to "normal" feels like I'm playing against Bobby Fischer. I like to be challenged, but it's at the point where it's just not fun. Those who are much better at this game then I probably have no complaints, but I'll be trying out other apps.



This is one of the best 3d chess boards I have seen in awhile. However, I do have 1 caveat. The program sometimes has a hard time diagnosung if the player wants to spin or zoom the board or if the player is trying to make a move. There have been times where I wanted to spin, but the program moved one of my pieces instead, and it seems like it happens when a piece is in an attack or causes to move into an attack. Howevere, that's not too terrible, since there is an undo move button.



Beautiful very good immersive graphics, best I've seen so far. It looks great on large screens. Logical, easy menu system. Some quirks: Experienced pieces locking in place, not sure if it's the game or my equipment. The chess engine seems erratic, perhaps a stronger, more stable chess engine with better levels management should be used. The permanent board prompts become annoying. "Get rid of ads" banner still shows up after purchase. Looking forwards to giving it five stars.



Great looking and fluid game play. The AI plays a what I would call a fast and wreckless style, basically no strategy on it's part, just takes pieces as soon as there is an opportunity for it to and it sacrifices its own pieces often. Kinda hard to experiment with different openings and strategies. I still enjoy it and it's been a great refresher on how the pieces move, castling, and the like.



As other users have previously stated. 'Easy' tends to be overly simplistic, while the discrepancies between 'normal' and expert are skewed. It's as if there's no gradual increase in difficulty. Simply going from playing a 6 year old to world ranked players in the blink of an eye. Outside of that it's easily the best chess app around.



Has both 3D and 2D playable modes. I haven't played it much, but it's a good app, because there are different levels of play, and a way to learn how to play. Great for beginners! If you ever feared that you'll loose every time, guess what? Not so with this app. I am a beginner who only knows how each piece moves, and I have been winning most games in easy mode against the computer.



I love this game! The graphics are great and the controls are super easy. The music is so relaxing and helps me concentrate. I also like how you can customize how everything looks so that the playing experience is unique. There aren't many ads either, so your not being sent to the app store or anything. The only reason I'm not giving it five stars is because the CPU levels are super wierd. The "easy" level is too easy but the "normal" level is super hard. But I would totally recomend this game.



Very approachable. Not too many frills, which is just what I wanted. The ads never interfere with the game play. The only suggestion that I have would be that a "lock camera angle" option or button would be nice. Sometimes, during a game, my finger will jostle & swivel the screen around. It can take a moment to get the display back to where I had it. Overall, this is recommended.



App teaches the fundamentals of chest so you can play. And the play level can be easy for beginners. Moves posible are highlighted when you touch the piece your considering to move. The board was design to expand and contract as well as move in any direction desired. It has background music that can be muted if so desired. But it offers no game plan to give you and idea as how to follow thru. If it does I haven't seen it yet. Perhaps its beyond its scope. Search chess for dummy elsewere

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