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Nama Real Chess Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 3.40 Ukuran: 32 MB

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Superbly designed app. Loved it. Amazing experience. But there is a serious problem that I am frequently getting hacked. Whenever I am about to win, game stops suddenly saying my time is over. Actually I had set a total time of 45 mins and 2 mins per move. And I lose my points. Ridiculous.



This is a good Chess App. I've played it for years. the only reason i'm not giving a 5-star rating is because the AI will freeze when posed with the option of either a stale mate or resigning the match. At that point the AI's timer just keeps counting up forever. Otherwise a very good Chess App.



Too many ads and not an option to close at times. Connection issues inspite of full internet/ WiFi connectivity and drop out in between the game.



Fun game. I really enjoy being able to play with others online. The quality 3d graphics and fluid mechanics allow the player to be comfortably immersed in the game. Real Chess also offers a good menu for various in-play settings. I highly recommend this app to anyone who is interested in playing chess and or improving his/her skills!



This app is great if you just want to casually play chess against random opponents. Nobody is copying opening lines. Everbody is in it for fun, but the rating system is terrible. You aren't matched with someone around you ELO. So there is no telling who you'll be up against. If you play a game against someone lower than you just to enjoy a quick match. You will get severely punished if you lose and no reward for winning. The ladder is very tedious to scale.



Great graphics. Helpful hints/tips (after move). Nice AI without taking away the fun. My first match took 18 mins. Loved the tension. I never learned to play chess, so avoided the game. But after watching Netflix Queen's Gambit I got the urge to look for a chess game for my Chromebook. This one was the perfect one for me. Very nice.



Pretty poorly programmed. The lowest difficulty is easy. After that it's still pretty easy but a little more challenging. Then you go up again and the AI turns into a super computer with no move wasted where every piece will somehow always be defending another piece as it plans 10,000 moves ahead. AND THERE'S STILL 7 DIFFICULTIES ABOVE IT. Like that isnt fun. That's just dumb and annoying. The Magnus Carlsen app is better and it feels more like you're playing agaisnt a person.



It is a good chess app. 3D boards and good matching options. Only issue is it takes forever to get a high enough score to reach skilled players when only getting 10-15 a game no matter the rating. If a player quits mid game, you're stuck waiting a couple of minutes for them to time out. The record feature has no analysis. I can beat the max level computer version with a RL 2100 elo, so the AI isn't very challenging. I was unsuccessful in getting it moved to new phone and had to start over.



Really nice app except for a couple of things... Alot of people disconnect on you if they are losing and make you sit and wait for timer to deplete. Can't load your profile if you change devices and so you lose rating and saved games. I was at 1400 when this happened. Another thing is that you can't add people to a friend or like to replay list. Wish you could, there have been some good players who I would've like to play again. They need to add a warning when time is about up.



Just downloaded (from Play Store. Not social media) and played 2 online games. I'm really loving it so far. I like the 3d pieces. I would like the ability to connect with friends online (User ID #, Google, Facebook, etc.) even better if it was cross platform. That's what I've been looking for. And I'd like to be able to pivot the board. But I think it's a great app, and easy to use.

Real Chess
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Real Chess
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