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Nama SingPlay MP3 Karaoke Recorder Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 4.3.5 Ukuran: 15.9 MB

Komentar di google play



It's a very handy app and the good thing is that it can be used offline. But I was really disappointed because when I tried to record after changing the pitch, it recorded very well but when I listened to it later, the pitch went back to the original hence, contrasting between the music and my voice. It sounded awful. And the white noise should also be taken care of. I hope this will be fixed soon.



It was wonderful until it stopped working and refused to load up. I reinstalled the App, now it works fine! Ok the App cannot be loaded again. It's a pretty good App if it doesn't crash. It's quite frustrating because I had entered lyrics for quite a few songs already, and twice. Also, I cannot understand why it needs access to my telephone....



I have been usin this app for 7 years its the most amazing recording app theres no other like it. I learned how to set the music to my voice and mix the reverb and echo to the perfect tone, this app has been going strong throughout the years. Ive been able to burn my recordings on cdz and they sound as professional as if made in a recording studio. This is the best of the best.. kudos, 10 stars. Best if u bluetooth to a speaker and sing close to the mic. I love it!



I like using the app, but most the time it steady crashing while I'm recording. Nomatter if all my apps are closed, and forced stopped. Singplay can be the only app running but it'll still crash, I used to use it all the time before it started crashing. Now I can barley get through a song without it crashing.



Best app ever that is with me since 7 years (completed today) and still my favorite. It has given me the best experiences. Request the makers to resolve all technical issues that come with updated versions like sync, crashing etc and retain it. Restore the first version of possible which was the best ever. Anyways Thank you for creating such a wonderful app. This is nothing less than perfect. Kudos to the entire team. The revamp version is however hugely disappointing.



this app was amazing before the update. love the new SFX but wont let me record a song with pitch change. only works when I leave the original pitch. if not, it begins recording but then just goes to a blue screen where library should be. also, sound quality is a lot worse. the settings didnt help and the delay feature is way off now too



terrible app absolutely horrid constantly get the message "cannot be shared" either with audio or with video after a recording. Can't use other keyboards on the app as well, tried to use swift key and the app just freezes and won't let me edit any text which has to then be exited out of. quieting of the audio is another cold case that cant be solved thought it was on my end but it is generated by the app itself at random sections in the recording. Just save yourself some time and dont download.



Is there any way for y'all to make it to where the karaoke thing actually gives you just the instrumental? Because the quality is so bad, and I mean BAD, that when I do it, the instrumental sounds distorted, the vocals still appear, and overall, it just sounds bad. This is literally the only karaoke app on the Google play store, and I want it to be high quality. Thank you. And I doubt y'all will reply, but I thought I would give y'all some advice and hopefully y'all do reply.



I want to know when you're gonna put out another update, it's almost been two months. the app constantly crashes, it takes at least 3-4 times of reopening the app and starting the song over, before it will let me record a whole song. It does it every time i open the lyrics after i press record, the screen will go blank and it may or may not take be back to the my songs list. please fix. the update before was working perfectly. Fixing to try to find a new app. This is ridiculous



This is by far the best vocal remover that I have found anywhere - the vocals are still somewhat audible in the background, but the instrumentals don't fade out with them. I only have two problems with it - For some reason, the vocals from the chorus are clearly audible, and I'm also unable to download the instrumental to the track.

SingPlay MP3 Karaoke Recorder
Ditambahkan: 2020-05-06
SingPlay MP3 Karaoke Recorder
Ditambahkan: 2020-06-20
SingPlay MP3 Karaoke Recorder
Ditambahkan: 2020-06-20
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