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Nama Termius - SSH/SFTP and Telnet client Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 5.5.5 Ukuran: 35.5 MB

Komentar di google play



Fantastic app! I just wish premium didn't cost $10/mo. If I were using it in my day job, perhaps it would be worth it, but just using it to ssh into some boxes in my homelab from time to time, it isn't worth it. It would be awesome if we could just pay a one time fee for Android only and promise not to use it for monetary gain, then if we did, we could subscribe to the $10/mo version.



Generally a very good ssh client, but the lack of controls to explicitly set screen size and character encoding (e.g. 80x24 characters, ISO-8859-1, etc.) keeps me from giving it full marks. Yes, some legacy software still cares about that, or at the very least doesn't deal well with its dimensions changing on the fly if it's moved from one login to another in screen/tmux; if you have such software, it's not always easy to it over a login with this client.



Great terminal; ridiculous cost - one of the best apps out there - clearly well thought-out & well coded. I'd dump my old terminal & not look back, but: it's also ludicrously priced. $60/yr - and what's being paid for isn't a service, disk space, etc. They charge for activation of features. There's a free plan, but w/o features typically either included or paid for once. Widgets, eg, are disabled. I'd have paid $25 for this and not blinked. Paying perpetually, however, feels too much like grift.



An absolutely incredible app for an SSH client. I use it for emergencies when I need to work remotely, and this app performs perfectly. Other apps have crashed when they've had to display too much information at once, and they've been difficult to configure which keys were easily accessible just above the keyboard. This app has no such problems. You can easily configure which keys appear above the keyboard, it has a compact and handy swipe method for inputting arrow commands, and no crashes.



This app works great with my physical keyboard. I love that you can remap the volume buttons. I had an issue with my choice of color theme not saving, and their support team got back to me just a few hours later saying that they would be fixing it in a future release. Awesome, friendly customer service :) Keep up the great work!



While I had this app installed, my phone became so slow it was unusable - I could barely type or even reboot the phone (which didn't even help). Now that I've uninstalled the app, everything is back to normal. It's a real shame since the app interface is convenient and snappy and I liked using it. Having a control key on the keyboard was much appreciated. Disabling my phone was not.



Works as it should. Very helpful. I would like to see some additional features, like built-in ability to ping a server. It would also be helpful to be able to create profiles which would activate a particular set of saved commands (a host, port forwarding settings, etc.) with 1 click, rather than having to activate each manually.



This looks like a top notch tool with a well designed interface. Unfortunately, they don't seem to have an option to adjust the font size which makes it COMPLETELY useless inside an environment like Samsung DEX which is how I'm using it. Unless you're using a touch screen with the ability to pinch-zoom you will not be able to read anything. I hope they add a font size feature to the settings in the future.



Slight learning curve but basically works very well. Like it much better than some of the other similar apps. I use it with a Samsung tablet (I like the bigger screen for my work). Haven't tried it on my Samsung phone yet but expect it to work equally well. I do seem to get some crosstalk between apps if I switch to a different app & then come back Termius, which often kills the terminal connection. That hasn't been a big deal so far since I don't often need to switch between apps when using Termius, but maybe something for the developers to look at. If this app also had TFTP, it would be fantastic! (hint, hint)



I love the app, hands down best terminal emulator/ssh client for mobile. But I'm really upset to find the premium features are now subscription only and at quite a cost. I remember the premium version being a one time payment. I had come to the decision that I wanted to pay for the extended features, but I will not pay that much. I'm now tempted to look elsewhere for an app that provides those features at a reasonable cost.

Termius - SSH/SFTP and Telnet client
Ditambahkan: 2021-12-30
Termius - SSH/SFTP and Telnet client
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Termius - SSH/SFTP and Telnet client
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Termius - SSH/SFTP and Telnet client
Ditambahkan: 2021-12-21
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