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Nama Yandex.Metro Ekstensi: apk
Versi: 3.6.6 Ukuran: 38.9 MB

Komentar di google play



9.2 mb for underground map is too much. And constant access to microphone, sms etc makes no sense.



Too much with self-promotion. Install this additional app, install that more app... In addition to, but totally unrelated to the metro. Unrelated functinality.



Ads everywhere! A lot of stuff not related to the metro at all. New UX awful. Take a look at the official app. Now it much better.



I actually dowloaded this app because of the new metro stations. And the new metro stations is not yet updated in this app. I'm wondering when it's coming on board.



Too many annoying pop-ups like "rate this app" and "enable". I missed my train and now am late. Lots of good features, though. It's marketing stuff that is shallowly thought through.



I got a trouble with this app. It doesn't update any more. I tried to fix it by settings and re-downloading it again, but eventually there's no successful result:( Probably, you would charify the matter... ...After you having updated app i got it fixed. Everything's now fine. Thank you for replying me;)



Yes, I can tell you what I dislike in this spp. I do not understand why some major cities and capitals are not covered. For example, Madrid. Spain is a tourist Mecca and it's weird not to have a detailed timetable for the transport system there.



perfect 👍 "WM overscan" support has been added in the latest update. Now the app looks way better on the phones without navigation bar, or in immersive mode. good work 👍



Its been like 3 years since i last been to Russia and this was my go to app for moving around Moscow and SP. The app grew a lot in this time and has many useful info not available back then. That being said, a few notes: the station exits function is shown in Russian (i can understand most of it, but i expect it to show in english). The main functionality i miss is adding more than one destination and saving that route. Thanks for the great work)



So far, best ever application for public transportation systems among countries I have see (USA, India, Switzerland, South Korea, Germany, Singapore, Iceland etc). Very well organized. Very clear and easy to understand display. Convenient interface. CORRECT, ACCURATE AND UPDATED INFORMATION. Free application very useful for EVERY ORDINARY RESIDENT OF MOSCOW. And advertisements also does not bother much. Little bit it does. Hope they will not increase it.

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