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Nama KYOCERA Mobile Print Ekstensi: apk
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easy to print from mobile devices to kyocrea Xerox machine. its currently printing single side only.. unable to print in duplex mode (front and back side on single paper). need more improvements add duplex option 2side - one side what duplex option added on kyocera printer..



disappointing and useless. latest android. s9plus. cannot find printer. everytime i try to search for the printer, it just crashes. tried to contact ddp support. no response for a week? pay over a $1000 for the mfp and cant even return a email. have tried to reinstall many times, reset cache.



Not able to scan or do copy, whenever i try, it gives error "not able to connect to scanner". Its really frustrating. Though, before it was perfect.



Does the job for the most part but the UI needs a major update as it looks like it hasn't changed for many years. More importantly when selecting to print from the multipurpose tray, it ignores that selection and goes ahead with printing from the standard paper source. Very frustrating



I can't upload scans to Google drive on my Samsung s10. When I select Google drive as the destination for my scan, the app just shows a white screen which I assume is a crash. besides that, I can't really flaw the app.



Continues to cause problems. App (on Huawei P20 lite,android 8) has problems again and again finding the printer in my home network, while at the same time my laptop pc can find the printer immediately. Same problem on my wife's phone (latest fairphone, android 8). On the fairphone it's even worse. If the app does - occasionally - find the printer, the app will freeze each time after printing just one document. (pdf). You have to restart the app and pray it will find the printer again.



Good app to control the printer/scanner from the mobile, but the UI/UX could need much better, many functions are not clear, user experience is not smooth, UI need much improvement. For example I already have a configured device, yet each time the app is started is also to enable NFC, annoying. Also scanning UI does explain how to save settings.



It works fine by network . But you have to put printer IP in the first time to print from mobile . After that it is ok and works fine with my kyocera 2020 printer



I was a Kyocera dealer so I know about the apps. This one is garbage. Since I updated to the new app my Android phone can't find my numerous Kyocera MFPs. It comes back "not found" or "fake printer". Kyocera support was at a loss, no help at all. I want the old app back that worked great.



This is awful. Kyocera app can't find Kyocera printer... What is the point if the app then? Ridiculous. Don't waste your time, look for 3rd party apps they work much better. Peace ✌️

KYOCERA Mobile Print
Ditambahkan: 2021-05-24
KYOCERA Mobile Print
Ditambahkan: 2021-12-21
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